Eye Shadow Trio


Metta X.
Wonderful Eyeshadows!

I love this product! I have the one in filter and it's your basic everyday natural eyeshadow color. It's all matter and comes with your basic base, crease, and outer corner color. The good thing I like about this is that the quality is amazing! The shadows aren't too soft so it doesn't spread everywhere. In the past, a LOOOOOONG time ago when I used their duos, I hated the quality. Trying out their eyeshadows again made me feel skeptical, but I'm glad I gave it a second chance. The packaging really makes it convenient since it's small and thin and can fit in your makeup bag or for travel. I'm not sure if the other ones are as good quality as FILTER (the one I have) but so far, I am loving this eyeshadow trio!

Maya C.

I got this a looooong time ago. In fact, it was for my 8th grade graduation (I'm now 20). Anyway, the colors in mine are a matte nude, a shimmery charcoal black, and a satin plum. Together, they look great. They're all a decent size, so I still haven't run out (although I really should get rid of this... I haven't used it in years probably). They are no different in quality from their full-size single shadows. I don't like that it's really easy to get particles of one into another, though.

Jill O.

AS much as I love the shades and texture of these shadows I have 2 major issues.

1. Way too soft and will break on you multiple times. makes your heart break. 2. Made in China! WHy, why why. I cannot wait until Estee Lauder takes over and changes that.

Yvette M.
pigment not so great

I found i needed to to use an eye shadow primer to get the pigment of the darkest color to show. I liked the lighest color alot as a base color. I would not spend the money on this product.