Emulsion Lip Exfoliant


Jasmine G.
Perfect conditioning/exfoliating

It seems like everyone here uses it in the shower...gotta try that! I use it in the morning or night when my lips feel a little chapped...but not too chapped like I just came from Antarctica or something. Your lips will feel pretty smooth after a good rub, and you really don't even need that much! It tastes awesome as well, but try not to lick your lips too much or you'll be chapped again soon (saliva is one of your lips' worst enemies)! Finally, like someone previously said, you definitely cannot read what's on the tube cause the text is in white! Who the heck let that one slip!?

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Nadia B.
Use In the Shower

When I visit my family in the winter my lips get really dry. I started using the Lip Exfoliant in the shower and the results were amazing. As soon as I get into the shower I rub it on and continue on with my rest of my shower. I don't wash it off until I'm all done. This allows the treatment to soak in. Did I mention the taste? It doesn't taste like medicine like a lot of lip treatments tend to do. Definitely worth the money.

Melissa S.
# 1 lip exfoliator

This lip exfoliator is great. You just need a tiny bit and viola your lips are smooth and soft and wonderful again. I was skeptable about purchacing this but i was definatley not dissapointed. Like Mer C noted the writting on the tube is white so its not readable at all. But dont let that deter you this product works wonderfully.

Nicol D.
A Must Have!

I am in love with this product. My lips are dry and I like to put this on before I get in the shower for about 5 minutes sometimes longer. Doesn't have that gritty feeling like other lip treatments.

Mer C.
Must have for winter

I seriously don't know what I did before I found this. I have always battled with dry chapped lips and since I started using this I find my lips have never been nicer. You don't have to use it every day just every once and while your lips start to get chapped and flaky. It has peppermint in it so you can leave it on for further moisturizing, though I usually throw on some lip balm after just for good measure. It goes for about $18US/$21CAN and is entirely worth it. There are only two things I would change about this product. 1) It does contain parabens in it, which is always a downside for me personally, I usually like to have my products contain as little toxic ingredients as possible. 2) Somebody at Smashbox decided it'd be a great idea to have a clear container with white product in it, and use white lettering on the container. Makes it always impossible to read anything on the bottle. But other than that I love this lip exfoliator!

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