Stephanie J.

My makeup lasts 2 to 3 times longer when I set it with this spray! I had originally bought this for my wedding, but now I use it daily. Doesn't leave my forehead shiney, either!

Tara M.
Does exactly what it says!

I ordered the Skindinavia No More Shine & received a travel size Original Makeup spray as well. I've used both and they both get the job done! Its great for that final touch to my foundation routine. I even fell asleep with my makeup on and when I woke up, my makeup was still in place. I love this product!

Moden M.
My new bff!

This is always on my person and in my kit. While it's a bit pricey , I find it's worth it. Clean, fresh scent, light mist, long lasting. All three key points that I appreciate especially the long lasting, given that I live on an island where heat and humidity reign supreme. I tried the Ben Nye Final Seal before this and while that product has serious staying power, I don't like the scent. And it tends to burn some people. I have had no complaints whatsoever since using the Skindinavia, soo yay!

A definite fave...

This is the setting spray you'll usually find in my makeup kit. It's a "must-have" for long days on set. The Urban Decay and Motives seting sprays are really good also...because they're made by Skindinavia. I prefer to go to the source and their multiple formulas meet all of my needs as a pro artist.

Myrna P.
You need to get one!

I finally found a finishing spray that I can actually say works. I put some on before applying my makeup. I tried it out the another night and fell asleep…BOOOOO..I know that is so taboo! I woke up looking great, besides the rat’s nest I had in my hair lol. I am glad that I bought this and that it works. I would recommend this product to anyone..BTW I have sensitive skin and it does not irritate it at all.

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Kiley M.

Makes a nice soft glow to your face i would defently recomend it.If your make up starts to look a little cake like then you should just use some of this!!!

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Irian L.

Ok I was on a hunt for a good finishing spray . Being that it is summer time I needed something that would last all day. Over and Over again I kept hearing If you want your makeup to last all day . It is a must to get a finishing spray so I decided to buy this product . I kept telling myself this stuff is not going to work . But I'am glad I was so wrong it really last all day . After I put on my primer I spray some then spray some after I was done putting on my makeup . I did that for about 2 weeks to see if it made any different and it did . Now I think I can't live without . The weather was so bad hear in Ny I could not stand it but my makeup held on . It even held on when i fell asleep from a hard days work when I woke I thought to myself OMG going to look like a raccoon as soon as I went to the mirror there was nothing it did not move my mouth dropped I could not believe what I was looking at in the mirror . I would had expected a mess eye linner ,mascara ,face powder all over the pillow case my clothes and nothing.

This is a product that I will be buying again if I run out Ps I will try to make sure that I will have a back of this at all times LOL

I say if you have a change to try this product. I say give it a chance but do what I did to get the full effect and better results spray after you put on your primer and after you put on your makeup

you wont go wrong

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