Facial Treatment Mask

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peppy g.

Bonus for buying SK-II's FTE 215mL Swarovski Winter 2013 box. First I worried that maybe it would be too big for my face (since it's one big piece and the one-piece Korean facial masks that I've tried have been too large/long (unless they came in two pieces: upper-face and lower-face parts). To my surprise it's a perfect fit (it is apparently elongated sideways, like Stewie Griffin's head).

Also, I'm very pleased that this turned out to be more of a gel/gooey consistency (much like collage glue) as I thought it would just be thick cotton drenched in regular FTE. So, no dripping like the masks available at the grocery store. Basically exceeded my expectations. There tends to be excess gel in the tin foil and there's enough to put on your neck so it doesn't sag when you grow up, and HANDS! And dry elbows. My hands are SO dry (the only thing that helps is Steamcream) and literally appear to age at a different rate as the rest of my body, it's mighty creepy. It's like my hands live in a different dimension/time (like sticking your hands out of a defective time machine that makes you age once you step into the future). It does leave dried glue-like residue that gets caught on your arm fur, though (if you worry about getting your bed sheets dirty).

I'm really glad that I found someone's post on Vogue Australia's forum about putting it in the fridge before putting it on your face. It's so much more fun when it's cold!

Hopefully I can get away with skipping this step until I turn 35-40 or something... For now I'll stick to using just FTE twice/daily (besides, I heard Japanese brides only use it days before their wedding day). Because it is ridiculously-priced (so, NO, one CANNOT do like Fan Bingbing and go through ~730 facial masks per annum).

In fact, it's so expensive that I feel like I shouldn't even be throwing used masks in the trash bin after I'm done with them: It feels like I should be turning used masks into installation art to sell to MoMA or something (and only then can I justify getting some moar masks with the museum/gallery paycheck).