Sinful Colors

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Aradia J.
Great and affordable!
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I have ALMOST all of the colors, in different textures and honestly its a great product. My personal favorite is Timbleberry its this mango pinky orange lol, its great! They are only $2 and for the price you can't beat t. I only buy polishes that are more expensive when its a color that I love or its unique, otherwise you get the same quality with Sinful colors!!

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KrizzTina M.

I love sinful colors, for a cheaper brand they have OPI quality polish, if not better. The colors are very vibrant and fun to stare at while my teachers lecture. i love the formula and how great the polish looks when its dry.

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Brown S.
loving the opaque color and its long-lasting!!!
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I recently ppaid 6 bucks!!!..yes 6 bucks for this polish and it is very worth the money....I have the color rise and shine which works great on my dark skin....can't wait til buy more colors....the only thing about the polish is that u need a shiny top coat to set your nails off.

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Brianna D.

I really love this nail polish and would reccomend it to alot of people because they have a wide selection of colors and they are only 1.99 per polish !

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Linda D.
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I absolutely love this brand. The quality of the polishes are amazing and they are inexpensive compared to OPI or Essie. I just recently found a dupe to Katy Perry's OPI polish in "Last Friday Night (TGIF)". Amazing find!

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Priscilla D.

What more can I say but I ♥♥♥ this product!! If you cant afford OPI then you need to get this one. The color last long even w/o a base or top coat! Next time your at Walgreens pick up a few and for only $1.99 its worth it!

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Liana B.
I love these!
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I have only 2 so far, Mint Apple and the green one which I can't think of the name right now :P I love these, they apply so smoothly and evenly and come in a great range of colors. I always get so many compliments when I wear Mint Apple! They are so inexpensive too, only $1.99! I totally recommend these :)

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Nichelle H.

I've been using Sinful Colors for quite awhile now and I noticed that some colors are either very thin and fade easily (not something I see often) or they'll get really thick and goopy. Despite that, This is my favorite brand of polish. The colors are all very nice and are priced very well.

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Lillian W.

I really like this nail polish. I have multiple colors, but I think they should have more colors. They don't have a pure yellow, only like a golden yellow. It's the perfect mixture, not too thick or too dry. The price is very good, and I love this! Some of these colors are so gorgeous!

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Abnormal A.
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I looove sinful colors! so many pretty shades and super afordable! the BES thing about these is how fast they dry! im super clumsy whn it comes to letting my nails dry! and with these, I dont have to worry about messing up my nails 15 minutes later!

color im wearing is cream pink :)

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