Sigma Makeup

Pencil - E30

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Donna T.
Great Brush

I use this brush for more than just liner. It's a really versatile brush. No shedding at all. The only problem I have with it is that the tip gets kind of puffy after a while, after washing it so many times. If you get the brush roll they have meant to dry your brushes, I'm sure it shapes right up. Even though it's kind of puffy, it's still an amazing brush.

Lissette B.

This brush is more amazing than I thought it would be. It can be used for more than what people usually use it for: Blend small areas, apply shadow precisely, apply shadow to lower lash line, apply shadow to upper lash line, smudge, etc. This is easily the most versatile brush in my collection.

Nikki Z.
Nice and big

I use this pretty much every day for shadow under my lower lash line. But the one thing I would say is if you don't want "more" shadow under your lower lash line this probably isn't the best brush for you because it's bigger than most pencil brushes with a less defined tip. It is a bit stiff so it can be scratchy every once in awhile but it's also good for buffing out liner really quickly.

Dee D.
Easy to use

I recently purchased the Sigma E30 and I like the brush. The brush is good for adding color in the crease, and is easy to use. The brush is soft and does not shed. Can't wait to purchase more brushes.

Lisa C.
Not a great pencil brush

I found this brush to be a miss from sigma and I really like most of their brushes. Now for a pencil brush it is to soft and is not stiff enough to apply color say under the lower lashes. It does work for blending crease colors, but they have an AMAZING blending brush for that.

Claire R.
After a year only...

The brush is nice at first, applies the product nicely, ... But after a year that brush looks nothing like it should look like. The hair (or what is left of it) is harsh on the skin. I hope the quality improved since I got it because it's not a brush that you're gonna keep around for a long time.