Sigma Makeup

Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki - F84

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Jessica B.
My holy grail

This brush is amazing! With this brush i can apply & buff out my cream blush & also apply powder blush. This brush is a multi-tasker. The best thing about it also is that it doesn't shed. I've had my brush for about little more than a week & i must say that i am really loving it.

Melanie G.
Great for blush!

This brush is ridiculously soft! Its extremely dense, so it will take a long time to dry when you wash it. I had to get used to the density of this brush since my other blush brush was a little more fluffy, so applying blush was a different process because I could get a lot of product on the brush and not have all of it apply to my cheeks. With this brush, I only need to literally tap it into the blush, and plenty of product applies to my cheeks! When I first used the F84, I had a bit of a shock when I swirled the brush in my blush (like I was used to) and applied it. I looked like a clown! haha. Definitely take it easy on this brush when applying product, as it picks up a lot with just a tap. This would also be a great brush to use for contouring as well!