Shadow Shields

Shadow Shields

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Marlene  A.
A must have

I bought this product because when I do dark eye makeup, i.e. a smoky eye, I don't want to hav any dark eyeshadow fall out. I could use a wipe after my eyeshadow application, but I found that even that even with that, you can still get the appearance of dark circles. And this is why shadow shield is great. Also, you'll notice that each shield has a great edge which is so helpful when you want to achieve that sharp eyeshadow or wing your eyeliner. For $9.99, you get 30 shields. The shipping also very fast. As well, they are on twitter and facebook and will reply really fast.

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Sherri S.
great idea for all the loose powder shadows & glitters!

love this, easy to place.. catches all the fallout & even gives you a great straight edge for winging the shadow. really a simple yet great idea! I was able to order from Nordtrom's online.. very happy with it. takes a try or 2, to decide how to angle the shield to get the shadow edge just where you want it!