Sexy Hair

BigSexyHair Spray And Play Volumizing Hair Spray


Alyssa T.
Great Hold

I love this hairspray. It has a great hold I use it with my updos or just for an everyday style. It also comes in a plus f or even more hold. Sexy Concepts has great voluimizing products.

Jessi H.

This hair spray is awesome, I used to tease my hair and create dramatic looks with lots of volume and this would hold all day. It is a little pricier than your average hairspray found at target or etc. but It works well and doesn't leave your hair feeling crunchy or hard looking.

Blondeneene L.
Love this hair spray

This is the best hair spray I have ever used, it gives great volume while keeping hold all day! I will be repurchasing this product again! I used it in my How I style my hair video! If you want to see how it holds!

Nicole D.

This is the only hairspray I have EVER repurchased over and over again. I dont like hair spray but this is touchable while still providing great hold. Its amazing and not too terribly expensive. The bottle is obnoxiously huge, but don't fret they make a little travel size.

Annie B.
Great volume!

I've been using this hairspray since i was six. I know pretty young haha but i had very thin limp hair and it didn't add that much and its not real tacky and it doesn't make your hair oily. Overall great product!

Jamison L.

this stuff workssssss oh my goodness it will hold anything in placee, when i decide to tease my hair this is my trick, it literlyy creates big sexy hair haha, it smells great, and its not too pricey, :D

Sara M.

Put It This Way.. I Can do My Hair At 8 p.m, Go Out For Dinner Drinks Than Dancing Till About 3 In The Morning And Hair Is A Beautiful Shiny And Smelling Good Just As If I Left The House An Hour Ago. I've Never Been So Impressed With A Hair Spray And Considering I Have Dry Frizzy Course Hair I Know My Hair Products And Gone Threw Plenty!!! Try It I Guarantee You'll Be Hooked.

Metta X.
It's Love!

Love, Love, LOVE this hairspray!! Definitely keeps your hair in place!! If you want maximum hold and sexy hair, this is your guy! Keeps your hair in place all day! Also love the smell and I love how it comes with a funnel like spray thing to expand the range of the spray. (If you understood that) But overall I absolutely love it!

Letzy A.
The bomb.
Photo of product included with review by Letzy A.

I can't stress it enough, how much I LOVE this hair spray! I use it after I curl my hair with a thick barrel then flip my hair forward spray & run my fingers through for the nicest, biggest, most shiny hair evaaa lol don't even have to go through the hassle of teasing :) the name says it all hunny. So worth it.

Ps smells real good too.