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Makeup Studio Blockbuster (Holiday 2011- Limited Edition)


Krystal B.
Love It :)
Krystal B.'s Review Image

This palette is the best 48.50 I ever spent!!!!! I love the variety of colors of the eyeshadows and the lipglosses. This is my absolutely go-to palette. This is much easier for me to create new looks, and create an everyday look. This is my favorite.

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April B.
Awesome go-to palette

This palette is awesome. The color pay-off is amazing and the shadows blend really well--much better than the 120 or 88 palettes.

The glosses and lip colors underneath are also fairly pigmented but very soft. Be weary.

Blushers and bronzer are awesome. Gel liners are super pigmented and gorgeous! My only complaint is that they are stored with the powder blusher and bronzer so you actually get a lot of powder on them which annoys me. I wish they kept them with the glosses--wet products should not be mixed with powder products.

Overall--great product and worth the money. The colors are so beautiful and I find that I use this often!

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Julianne J.
A beauty dream come true!

I got this as a wonderful Christmas present from my mom. She wasn't sneaky enough about hiding the box with the Sephora logo on it- so it became an early Christmas gift, lets say :) I opened the box and gasped- The beautiful black box with the Sephora logo was truly breath-taking. This kit makes me remember being a little girl collecting and playing dress up with makeup. I loved storing my Lip Smackers in my Caboodles case. This kit is the grown up version of those crappy store bought makeup kits from your pre-teens and childhood! I'm astounded by all the eye shadow colors. I haven't used all of them yet, and judging by how many there are- I might not ever be able to use them all! But I'll have fun trying. There is a wonderful mix of matte and shimmer eye shadow shades. I won't need to get any of the Coastal Scents or B and H palettes now! There are what seems to be millions of glosses I still need to play with, as well as wonderful gel liners, including a creamy, high performance black- perfect for cat eyes. The blush and bronzers in this kit are really something. I adore each one and every time I wear them my cheeks look glowing, sculpted and luscious. You get a brown and black mini eyeliner and a mini mascara on top of everything else. I love how thick and sturdy this kit is, and how it has unfolding legs- either way the kit is easy to use, with legs extended or not! It is also equipped with a large, very useful mirror. This was about 50 bucks and it came with a bunch of samplers that I also have been enjoying. This kit is perfection and anyone who loves makeup will love this!

Andrea A.
love it

i love this i bought this over a year ago and still have most of the eye shadow left. I do wish there were better brushes in the kit but other than that it has great pigment!

Rayann C.

I have this and love it! there are a variety of colors of both lip glosses and eye shadows. One thing I wish there was more of was more matte shadows, majority are shimmer shadows and the shimmer gets kind of messy. Other than that I love it. So many looks I can create and many more to be created.

Jessica M.

I love the lipsticks/glosses! Very vibrant and lasting. The eyeshadows are good, Some of them NOT so good. But I have to say 97% of this mini studio kit is satisfying. The black and brown mini liners glide on effortlessly! Definitely a good BUY!

Issamar D.
amazing set of makeup

This is an amazing set of makeup. it has every you need to create GLAMOUR for a good budget... recommend this to a friend who's very experimental with new looks

Cinnimon O.
I don't have this palet but do have one of the smaller ones.

The products are very good , pigments good I didn't like the lip glosses they were hard and didn't last. The blushes were nice and light ,overall pretty good makeup .