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Hello Kitty Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit


Haley Y.

I got this for my birthday & I love all the colors. They go on really smoothly too. I will admit that I do mostly use the black, but I LOVE the creamy neutral eyeliner. It's a great highlighter!

Elizabeth W.
All i need is the black

I love the hello kitty liners! I bought it recently and fell in love. The black is the only black I have ever really loved. The only problem is that im out of black. They don't sell just black. You have to buy the whole pack just to get the black, which I am about to do because that's how great they are. The colors are awesome too, I just don't use them as much as I use the black.

Kristina H.
Such a fantastic value!

Honestly, this collection is surprising me. I had bought a few things because I love Hello Kitty and not for any other reason. Now I am buying the products because the quality is actually quite lovely. These kohls (like most kohls) go on smoothly, the glide and it definitely only takes one swipe to get the color payoff. The beautiful thing about these pencil liners is that after they set.. they SET. No smudging, and it wears well, definitely a liner I do not have to worry about fading by the end of the day. The color selections is pretty much everything you could want plus some fun colors to add that pop of color for going out.

Worth every penny, plus it comes in a cute tin!

Maricel A.
Cute to add to collection, not so long wearing.
Maricel A.'s Review Image

Color review: I swatched them against my hand in the photo I added. From the picture you can see how vibrant all the colors are up until the dark green and the navy blue. Turquoise and black are the only truly matte shades. As far as color goes if you want to add color to your eyeliner collection I would say this is a nice kit to try out. And although on the tinbox it shows that the middle eyeliner is white it actually a shimmery champagne color (which is still a good color for brightening the waterline).

Wear review: My problem with these eyeliners is that all of them are not so long wearing and the dark colors (black, brown, dark green, and navy blue) smudge a lot--even with using eye shadows to set them in and after smudging them an eyeliner brush. I even put eyeshadow primers before putting on the eyeliner and with that they still smudge. When I say smudge I mean that it will smudge to my lid and/or past my lower lash line. And with putting the champagne color on my waterline, I still find myself reapplying it after a couple of hours.

Overall, they are beautiful colors in beautiful packaging, but they smudge after an hour or more of wear and they do not last long. I was eager to try them because they are Hello Kitty and the colors (especially the purple, turquoise, and navy blue) are gorgeous.

Natalie A.

Am a huge Hello Kitty fan so i was very excited when i bought the eye liner kit at affordable price. I was very surprised on how smooth and how vibrant the colors are especially the teal eyeliner.....the disappointment was with the black eyeliner it kept smudging even if i set with black eye shadow.