Flawless Renewal Deodorant

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Sarah M.

I wanted to give it no stars... but I guess it is a "deodorant" The small is nasty... It is a little bit odious to me... I find that anything I wear - I can only wear once then I have to wash it because this stuff makes it smell so stinking bad! It's gross (in my not trying to offend anyone who does not like the smell). It's very clumpy.. it clumps up all over the place.. and if you apply it before you but your shirt on careful because it transfers... Sometimes, it can transfer while you're getting ready and you don't know it and then you find out later when you can smell your own b.o, and find that your shirt stole it xD lolz I don't like at all and would not recommend to anybody!

and it is NOT invisible. it is WHITE and i'm really fair... and it shows up a lot on xD