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Krystal C.
My Nail Savior!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

A few weeks ago I tried a new manicure set, pretty much it left my nails super dry, peeling, and looking as if I had gotten false nails on - you know that peely, damaged look that you get when you remove the false nails. Anyways, I freaked out (so much that I forgot to photograph them at their worst) because I've always taken care of my nails and am proud to have strong nails. So when they were brittle and sad, I pampered them with a warm water bath, smothered them with oils and creams and applied two coats of Seche Retain. This polish has proven to resurrect my nails in the past, and it helps to maintain their strength during the "healing process". I've been wearing retain underneath my nail polish and my nails have stopped peeling. Hopefully they grow out quickly because the tips are still really thin from that manicure set I was testing.