Sally Hansen

Wax Strip Kit

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Romie C.
A must have for me

I always use this to clean up unwanted facial hair ( mustache, underbrow, upperbrow & chin) They come already cut into different sizes, but i do cut them more to use underneath eyebrow, which is easier. My skin is not sensative so i even use them twice to make sure i get the hair off. Better than any other diy wax kit ive tried. The first try to using them is a little difficult, dont give up keep trying :)

Kendra F.

It didn't work well for the part that it's supposed to work for, but I don't like to waste my money so a year later I began cutting the waxing strips into small rectangular shapes and I wax my eyebrows with them. It works great for that! So now my money wasn't a complete waste, but definitely skip buying this if you're expecting it to work for THAT area.

Myrna P.

It doesn't remove any hair as promised. I followed the directions and with many failed attempts, I just threw it away. Don't even waste your money, you'd be better off at the salon