Sally Hansen

Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment


Angii B.

When I used it I can tell my lips were plumed.I have thin lips and I was able to tell right away.It is sticky and taste nasty,but I like it.the plump does last until I wipe it does tingle too.

Sonja T.
Great Shine Not alot of Plump!

Bottom lineI put it on my lips they tingled and burned (like when you eat hot wings), but they didn't look any bigger or plumper. It did have great shine.

Cynthia J.

Well it is cheap so I didn't expect nothing amazing but this is waaaay to shiny, and sticky and smelly. Too much of everything except the plumbing effect. I have the clear one, maybe the color one looks better but definitely not going to try.

Morgan L.
Not exactly worth it.

The tingle of your lips is well, strange, the taste is vile and whatever it is that makes it 'plump' your lips doesn't work brilliantly, not exactly worth it if you don't like something burning/tingling on your lips, and try not to get it on your tongue, the discomfort is horrible.

Christina L.
Don't bother!

It's affordable, very shiny, and very not worth it. It tastes absolutely disgusting, smells gross, and burns your lips. I have the clear one. It gives a great shine, but does nothing for you lips. They don't appear plumper or anything. They just burn and feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't bother trying this product out.