Sally Hansen

Lacquer Shine Nail Color


Alley S.
What a color!

I've had this color for a while now, i don't want to get rid of it! Shimmery not glittery, Easier to remove that way. Shiny color, almost a royal purple. Shiny by itself without a topcoat. You wont regret this purchase :)

Julianne J.
08 Glossy- very unique shade!

08 Glossy is the only color I have from this line, and its the only polish I have from this particular line as well. (For the record, I've always been a fan of Sally Hansen polishes. I loved their colored metallic polishes when I was younger!) Its a rich, deep black with suspended mini red micro glitter particles hidden within it. When it catches sufficient light, especially sun light, you can see the hidden red particles and it casts a red gleam to the black base. IMO, this is a great shade in any polish collection because its so unique, and one of a kind. It has a two toned, not to mention vampy appeal. I wore it with slightly longer nails, filed more straight edge at the tip, and it looked classy and edgy. If you love dark nails, but don't want to rock pure black for any reason, this would be a good option. To my knowledge, its not around anymore, but it might be. I know its not on the BL database and I checked to see if it was on the actual Sally Hansen website and that line is not there, at the moment. So, you could easily find it elsewhere on the world wide web! I'm just glad I found this really cool shade, on a whim. It lasted about a week, give or take, and has great built in shine, without a top coat. I'll eventually get a top and base coat, at some point, but I'm not hunting as much because school has just started for me, and I won't be on BL as much. It comes in a cute bottle and the brush in thin, tapered and easy to manage- overall a great buy and at $6.49, its not too bad!