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Sally Hansen

Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel


Myrna P.

My nails are thin from having acrylic on for more than a decade. I have to say I am definitely loving the natural nail look and plus I do not have to go and get my nails done at a salon. No more waiting!! This has helped me out tremendously. My nails always chipped after removing the acrylic. With the cooking, cleaning, work, etc your nails tend to get soft and are more vulnerable to damage. With this nail polish from Sally my nails have chipped zero times and have grown to a nice manageable length. I would recommend this to anyone trying to grow their natural nails out :)

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Sonja T.
Does the job.

If you are looking for something that will give your natural nails extra strength this is a wonderful product to use. Its very shiny and last about 3-5 days befor you need to re-apply. If you are looking for an alternative to gel or acrylic this is NOT it. It will not harden your nails like those will. Also this product gets very thick once you've used half the bottle.

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LibertyPaige X.

I could not live without this product, its super strong and stops your nails from breaking. However if you have oily nails and you put a colour over the top of this it tends to just peel off in the first day. For normal nails this is great. It stops your nails from bending and snapping, it can be hard getting hold of but if you can its a must have!!