Sally Hansen

Gem Crush Nail Color


Lisa S.
Love this polish!

Great coverage, and super sparkly! The only downside to this is that it did chip pretty quickly on me even with seche vite top coat....but that could be my fault too because i did go to the gym with it on. I bought Big Money, and its gorgeous. Will definitely buy more!!

Stacie B.

Unlike most other glitter polishes, I only have to use 2 coats for full coverage and don't even need a base color! I love all the colors as well! Def recommend it!

Stephanie O.

I own the light pink shade, Razzle Dazzler. This nail polish is definitely a statement piece, and if you're looking for a glitter, this is definitely delivers! However, it absolutely needs to be worn with a top coat: I made the mistake of not doing so, and because the formula is so course with the glitter, it began chipping after only a couple of hours of wear. Ironically, it's very difficult to remove. If you don't have a good nail polish remover it takes some time to permeate through the glitter to the nail polish, and it gets everywhere. I also recommend wearing a base coat with this polish, as the coarse glitter has the potential to scratch your nails during removal. But for the price and for the effect, this nail polish is definitely worth a try!

Lera J.
Big Money, Razzle Dazzler, & Be Jeweled

Are the colors that I own. Love them. They are great if you need to have amazing fingers or toes in a short time. They have full coverage, hide all imperfections and are the best to put on over an old pedicure if you are really in a rush. Only problem, they are stubborn as heck to get off, even with pure acetone. They dry very fast. Wear them ALL the time on my toes. I usually just use them as an accent on my fingers. I did tips with them once as well. Big Money is my favorite of them. You NEED A TOP COAT, keeps that sparkle looking fresh (i usually do 2 layers of clear, so 4 total coats of polish)

Victoria D.
Perfect glitter nail polish

If you want full coverage, gorgeous glitter with no ugly base-colors showing through, this is what you need. I finally picked one up today (Showgirl Chic I think, it's got tons of silver glitter with a few hints of blue glitter) and it is GORGEOUS! Unlike other glitter polish, this only takes two coats max, to get full coverage. No bare nail showing through at all, and there is no 'base color' that the glitter is suspended in. Its just literally a TON of glitter. It is a little gritty without a top coat, but it's not unbearable or to the point where you can pick off pieces of glitter. I want all of the colors now!

Selina T.
Photo of product included with review by Selina T.

My favourite nail polish. It's SO pretty, and they come in gorgeous colors. You only need 1 or 2 coats, unlike some similar nail polishes where you have to put on 3+ coats to get the same amount of sparkle. Deffinitly worth buying!!

Sofia H.
Photo of product included with review by Sofia H.

I have it in Big bling and I love it!!! I never had a color like this. It is a gold sparkel with purple dots in it and it only take 2 coats to cover tho I would say but it with a top coat to smooth it down. I have Big Bling on my ring finger.