Sally Girl

Nail Polish


Chris S.
Thin, streaky formula and a dull finish.

Not impressed with this brand at all. The formula is very thin and leaves really bad streaks no matter how careful I am. The color I have (a bright shade of magenta/fuchsia) takes at least 5 coats to look solid and hide all the streaks. At least it dries pretty quickly. Strangely, this polish always dries to a dull, satin-like finish. A top coat is absolutely necessary to make it look nice. But even with a good top coat, the wear on this polish is terrible. I've never tried a brand that chipped so fast and so much.

I got this as a birthday gift and wouldn't purchase it for myself or anyone else. I love the color but I'd rather get a similar shade in a better brand than deal with this crappy formula again.

Dani C.
great for beginning haul-ers

I recently went on a huge haul for nail polish, including these. I like the colors, the formula dries quickly and they're only 99 cents! I was really excited to be able to purchase so many at one time cuz i'm a high schooler with like 0 cash. Anyway, great product, I would def recommend.

Chandra R.

I love Sally Girl polishes. They have a good color selection and for just 99 cents (mini bottles) it's a great way to experiment with color. They also have a good ofrmula, dry pretty quickly and a nice brush.

Temperance L.

I have a white one of these polishes and I love it. I use underneath other colors especially bright colors to make them pop more and look more vibrant, it actually works and it acts as a polish primer. It takes 2 coats to get it opaque and the formula is a bit more liquidy than other nail polishes I have. The drying time is relatively short. I painted one hand and moved on to the next, by that time the first hand was dry.

Alexa G.

Overall these polishes are really good and they have lovely shades. I've tried glitters, shimmers and cremes and I love them, specially cause the brush is a bit small so I can't mess things up but the only problem I've had is that my cremes dry quite fast and they streak a bit.