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Rimmel London

Glam Eyes Mascara


Abby V.

This mascara is awesome if you want a WOW look! This mascara separated & made my eyelashes long,I already have some what long eyelashes but this mascara really made them pop! This mascara is probably my favorite out of all the mascaras I have tried out of Rommel londons collection of mascaras,if your still a little skeptical about buying this mascara it comes at really reasonable price so even if you don't like it,it's not like you went to a top brand makeup company and bought a $30 tube of mascara! Glad I took the chance on buying this(:!

Rebeckah W.
My 'Go To' Mascara

This little gem is my holy grail of mascaras! I haven't found one i love more. I love everything about this product. The flexibility of the wand is great and used often it developes a natural curve of my eyelashes (mine did anyway). The formula lengthes beautifully and separates lashes with loads of volume without the clumpy spider lash affect. If you have naturally long lashes this baby will save a few extra dollars and you can skip the falsies and buy a cocktail instead ;)

Another must have product in my makeup kit. the waterproof formula is wonderful for weddings.

Nicole R.

I used this mascara a long time ago and loved it. I like that the wand is rubber and slim. Nice pigment. Separated and volumized lashes well. If I go back to getting drug store mascara, this would be the first one I'd go for.

Ashley D.
Love it!

I very much like this product! I was skeptical at first because the brush is smaller than I'm used to for a volumizer, but it does the trick just fine! In fact, not only does this mascara volumize, it lengthens. I LOVE it! I was weary about trying another Rimmel brand mascara because I didn't like the Sexy Curves Mascara and their old Volumizing Mousse Mascara (not sure they sell it anymore). I hate both of them, however I heard Michelle Phan on YouTube raving about this one and I had to try it. Very glad I did.

Julianne J.
Works well enough for me, but not the best

I got this because the last few mascaras I got were not good for my bottom lash line. I needed something more precise, so I figured the super skinny brush would be good for that. It does get a little clumpy/spidery on the bottom lashes (which I like sometimes) but looks nice on the top- good definition/length/natural looking/wispy. I like how easy it is to maneuver the bottom lashes and the lack of sturdiness and its subsequent flimsiness works on the top lashes to push up my lashes at the water line and curl them upwards. But, this does transfer to my undereye creases- something my other two were doing! So the search is still on. Or I need to prime my eyes even when I'm going shadow free. I was pleasantly surprised with this, but it STILL wasn't satisfying my mascara NEEDS! I can see why its not a favorite, but it does have cute packaging! <3

Ashley H.
Really good!

I like this mascara, the brush really seperates lashes well and gives lashes volume but the mascara can flake abit and leave flakes of mascara around your eyes but overall i really like this mascara!

Ash S.
almost did not like it but...

At first I did not know what to think. Especially because the applicator is somewhat complicated. I just put it on not realizing the method with the applicator. Once I got the hang of it, I love it! It has the right amount of "wetness" for me and volumizes and lengthens pretty well. This is a mascara I would purchase again.

Christina U.
worked well if i remember

i used this product a while back i got to use it maybe a handful of times and liked it .. until my infant got a hold of it and used it as a paint brush on the carpet . it looked fab on white carpet haaa haaa !! we i went to replace it i couldnt find it any where . i would try it again if i came across it .

Ali R.

My first few tubes of this mascara were absolutely phenomenal! I used strictly this mascara for longer than a year. However, by the end of that time, my last new tube didn't apply the same as the previous tubes. I don't know if the formula was changed or what. I'll probably try it again one day, but for now I'm back to my Telescopic mascara.

janessa  m.
It works...OK, I guess

This product is not my best friend! Whenever I use it, it just clumps my lashes and makes them really long on one side, and short on another! I don't know if it's my technique or the actual mascara! Personally, I don't like this mascara! It's not my favourite, and I don't think I'm going to repurchase it!