Rimmel London

Clean Finish Foundation


Pink E.
Finally i have found my foundation love!!!

This foundation is great! Never have i been able to find the right foundation until trying this one...i use it in natural caramel and the color fits my skin beautifully. I love the spatula it comes with on the inside of the cap and it leaves a matte finish just like it says though i still use a translucent powder to set it even better. it doesn't offer that much coverage to cover as much as i want too but it is buildable and stays true to its poreless finish....this foundation is amazing and i will definitely be rebuying

Elizabeth S.
love this

This is the best drug store foundation I have own. It has a matte and lightweight finish that just makes my skin look smooth. It really does control shine and it does last through the day. I would recommend a primer to make it last longer especially if you have long days but if you just wear it by itself it last through your school day. It is about 5$ which is a good price for someone in a budget and the lid is an applicator paddle stick which helps scooping it to the last drop. (: I am a content user of this product and it is my everyday foundation.

Sarah C.
not bad

I like this makeup because with a primer, i find it covers well. It doesnt break me out and keeps my oiliness at bay. I think Rimmell has decent prices too.

Kirbie S.
Not Bad

I don't think this foundation is bad, I just don't think it's for me! It doesn't off much coverage, which is something I definitely need! But it didn't make my skin oily throughout the day! One thing I really like was the weird spatula applicator thing it came with! It keeps my hands clean and I can splash it on face! I like to wear this foundation when I don't feel like I need much coverage, or doing something where I don't want to use my better foundation! I don't think I'll repurchase it once I use it up, but it wasn't a bad product.

Chelsea T.
It's okay.

I know on the bottle it says "100% poreless" which is just a little marketing fib. The coverage is okay, it doesn't look cakey but it feels cakey to me and I really hate that feeling. It evens out my skin tone which honestly isn't hard to do because I don't have much discoloration so for someone with little or no discoloration in their complexion it should be a fine base color wise. It's not sweat proof at all, even with powder pressed in it felt like my face was melting off and it was rubbing off onto my phone and I don't use much product. It's just really not for extended wear for that reason.

Mary Anne M.
Smells Weird, Oxidizes Warm... and I'm Itchy???

This has to be one of the cheapest foundations on the market at around $3–5 a pop, but also one of the hardest to work with, regardless of your skin type. The general consensus seems to be that this product also quickly oxidizes to a warm undertone. For reference, I have combination-oily, light-medium coloring with a gold-neutral undertone, and the shade I am reviewing is 340 Nude.

The packaging is impressive for a drugstore foundation: a standard, 1oz glass bottle with a screw-top cap that doubles as a spatula applicator. I love the spatula applicator since it's easy to scoop this product and slide it onto the back of my hand before applying it to my face with my fingers. It's more hygienic than regularly dipping my fingers anywhere in or around the neck of the bottle.

However, I find that the formula is tricky to work with. It also has a very chemical smell out of the bottle though it barely lingers after applying. It's certainly more of a gel than a cream, and it seems to dry and set very quickly making it difficult to blend. (This does rub off and transfer though—set with powder) When I blend it, the shade begins to oxidize and turn more warm/orange than what I saw in the bottle, and to an unpredictable degree of warmth, as well! The more I blend and sheer out the foundation, the warmer it becomes.

Additionally, if I want to build coverage, the areas that I layer on a little more also turn warmer/orange. I suppose some people can get away with the warming if they sheer it out enough and want to look like they spent a day at the beach, but the potential oxidation from blending and layering make color matching difficult just from looking at the bottle.

The real deal breaker for me was that this foundation caused my face to itch; I don't have sensitive skin, so I believe the itching may have been a result of testing this foundation during the winter when the weather dries out my skin. Like I mentioned, this formula feels more gel- than cream-based, and gels tend to dry faster than creams.

That said, as far as the formula goes, I highly recommend proper moisturizing before applying this foundation because this may emphasize dry patches or even cause dry skin to itch, as it did to my (ironically combo-oily) skin. Those with oilier skin may not have to endure the itching, but I find that while this doesn't really slide off, it does transfer. There was a chance that I could still keep the foundation around for the summer for the warmer-toned, tanned skin, but if my typically resilient skin is going to feel uncomfortable wearing a certain product, I'll pass.

Chloe M.

I absolutely LOVE this foundation! But was very dissapointed by the same product offered as matte. I bought my same color, but it was too light and made my skin much more oily than the normal product. Sticking with the normal product, which I love!

Jacey T.

I got this because my skin is dry right now, so I had to back off my Kat Von D and Mac fix fluid foundations. I wanted something that wouldn't be so drying but I needed more coverage than what a BB cream would offer (or that new weird CC cream thing) I like this. It gave good coverage but didn't dry out my skin. It's not poreless looking thought. You have to buff it with a sturdy eyeshadow brush (well at least that's what I do for all foundations since my pores are huge). I do like this. Good bang for the buck.

Jordan L.
Love the light feeling without sacrificing coverage!

I purchased the matte version of this on a whim, because I needed some foundation ASAP. I loved the little spatula-type wand, and the make-up works really well for me. I have combination skin, and it really helped tone down the oily areas and didn't dry out the dry spots. I also didn't feel like I had tons of it caked onto my face, which is really nice. I will definitely be repurchasing this. :)

Maura Z.

I actually really dislike this foundation but it's really only for one reason above all others... the color is too dark in even the lightest shade. I may need to try mixing it with a lighter color but sadly, it makes my skin look very orange-y. The staying power isn't too bad, and the applicator is nice. The only thing I really dislike about it is the color, so I rarely use it.