Reb'l Fleur


Alicia N.

Ahhhh, I can't get enough of this scent. I love Rihanna's perfume. It definitely reminds me of a tropical island. The fruity, warm, floral mix is really what I love about it. It's for sure a must buy. I used it for the entire summer(2012) and now it's empty. :( But I'm gonna buy me some more and also her other perfume similar to this one. I looooooove it! :D

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Ty P.
How do you pronounce it lol

I like this fragrance because its strong but sweet smelling ... when i wear it i feel regal ... the scent lasts along time and i always get asked about what perfume im wearing but i cant really pronounce it lmao

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Destiny H.

I recently bought this perfume for christmas. It has a very unique smell - almosy spicy and musky but still feminine. I usually don't buy celebrity perfumes but this one smells great! It is very strong though so you don't need a lot. Also, it lasts a long time. I sprayed it on my cardigan yesterday and I can still smell it. I am in love with this perfume.

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Lexie F.

I used to wear this perfume all during winter. it smells sooo good and irresistible. it has a nice spicy scent to it. Definitely great for the winter.! The name of it, is hard to pronounce, but other than that, I don't see anything wrong with it. this wqs one of my favorite perfumes hands down.

Adrian T.

I use this as a going out night time kind of scent! It's sexy but subtle and not too overwhelming. A little goes a long way! Don't get too crazy ladies LOL

Maloree P.
my go to perfume

I just love this perfume. it is deff my number 1 fave! I have been using it for 3 or 4 years and i never get sick of it. it smells kind of musky, feminine and sexy. would highly recommend!

Mika C.
Smells awesome

I love this perfume so much I bought a small one to start with and couldn't resist to buy the biggest one after that! Probably one of the best perfumes I own! Sticks to you all day/night, never loses it's scent! Would recommend to any one that likes a strong sort of scent! :)

Kellye C.
Love it!

I just recently purchased this fragrance and I'm in love I agree with the other ladies on here its not your eveyrday but It has such a unique smell like a sweet but spicy you only need a little and it last for so long time Fall Fav....

Jennifer S.
Affordable and smells wonderful!

I actually saw this at Macy's a while back and really wanted it, but didn't feel like paying the money for a nice perfume. I went to Walmart later on and found the 1.7 oz for $20. I got it there. It smells amazing! It's a sexy smell that lasts quite a while. I put it on in the morning and went the whole day through school and throughout the day I can smell bursts of the fragrance again. I love this fragrance. Definitely worth every penny :)

Sh-nee W.

I love this fragrance! My coworker bought it and let me spray it. Now I MUST have it. I was actually kind of surprised that it smells so good.