Precision Lash Adhesive

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Jenn T.

Ever since I bough this I have been using it everyday. I gave DUO lash glue so many chances and thought that it was me using it incorrectly but it's not. This product goes on so easily on the lash and holds really good. It also doesn't irritated my eyes like the DUO used to and there is that much glue stuck to my lid (just a bit but u can pick it off and you're good to go). My only problem is that when I close the glue it's started to squirt out and stick to the tube outside. I'm in need of a new one now so hopefully I dont have the same problem.

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Vanessa W.

My absolute favourite lash glue! It blows duo out of the water. I love the brush tip applicator, it makes things so easy to achieve an even layer of glue, and you don't have to go through the mess of foil and dipping. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?! lol. The glue itself is awesome, lasts until you take it off and dissolves easily.

Crystal S.
The Best High Street Lash Adhesive

This lash adhesive includes a fiber brush tip applicator that makes for precise, quick, and easy application. The adhesive itself is reminiscent of the Urban Decay lash adhesive in the way that they both have that opalescent quality about them yet dry to a clear finish. They also are both latex-free, amazingly waterproof, and cruelty-free! (As of now, you can only get your hands on the Urban Decay lash adhesive if you purchase a pair of their false lashes.) This is a fantastic inexpensive lash adhesive with convenient packaging--you can simply travel with this one product and have everything you need to touch up any lifting corners.

Jamie B.

This is an amazing glue, beats duo by far, it applies in an opalish purple color it's pretty but theres no waiting for it to become tacky you can literally put this on your false lashes and apply. no mess no fuss. stays on all day and night i actually fell asleep in them and woke up and still in tack.

Alicia M.
Easy to use and remove!

LOVE this adhesive. Thin wand brush for precise application and you don't have to worry about bubbles like you would with adhesive that comes in a squeeze tube. Less messy and no glue wasted. Clear and undetectable. Easy to remove. Not much needed to achieve desired results. The glue gets tacky fairly quickly which means we can put our lashes on in half the time it would normally take. Affordable. Also comes in dark color.

Things to watch for: Always screw the cap back on after each use. During use make sure not to lay it on it's side unless closed tightly.

Tiffany F.
Best Lash Glue Ever!

I used Duo lash glue for years, but for some reason I developed an allergy to latex, and was unable to wear false lashes anymore :(...That is, until I found this gem! I LOVE this stuff!! Personally, I think it works on me better than any lash glue that I've ever used! I love the precision applicator, and how it dries super fast and clear. Once the glue has dried, your lashes stay put (even when I went out to a very smokey bar and my eyes were watering TERRIBLY, to the point where the rest of my makeup came off...but the lashes did NOT move) all day/night long without any lifting in the corners. I am super impressed with this product and couldn't be happier that I found a latex free adhesive that works like a charm! I use it exclusively in my kit now, because it saves me from having to carry multiple glues for people with latex allergies like me. And I also have faith that it will last through the tears on my brides, because I've tested it out on my own watery eyes! Bravo Revlon!!

Stephanie H.
A great lash glue!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I love this lash glue! Not only because it works. But, because it is basically fool proof! Application is easier then any glue I have ever used. The brush is so thin it gives you the perfect amount of product everytime. Since the glue is blue until it starts to dry you can see where you place it and when you should place it to your lash line.

Tina Marie C.
Practically Mistake Proof!

Here's my take on it..

PROS: □ It's in a bottle form with a brush applicator. No more spilling or wasting too much adhesive! □ No wait time for the product to get tacky. The formula is already sticky so you can apply your lashes right away. □ It's inexpensive and can be found at most drugstores (around $4.99USD) □ No need to reapply any eyeliner on top of the glue because it's not visible. □ The formula is a lot thinner than regular lash glue so a little bit goes a long way which is great because your lashes look much more cleaner without the any visible sign of glue showing. □ The glue is already clear but it has a slight bluish tint to it, I don't know why. But once it's on your eyes, it's invisible. □ Lashes stay on all day with no peeling on the inner or outer corners (one of my biggest pet peeves). □ Latex-free for those who are allergic. □ Definitely mess-free application. □ Easy to remove. □ Brush applicator allows for easy touchup when needed. □ Waterproof

CONS: □ None!

Jennifer C.
I usually use DUO lash adhesive

But I saw these at Walmart and have been using it for a few months. And I actually prefer it for my own use. I still use DUO for my freelancing kit just because I feel like it's more sanitary. But I like it because it reminds me of MakeupForever's lash glue that comes with their lashes it comes out blueish and you don't need to wait for the glue to dry because it's already tacky. Dries fast and it waterproof so if your eye waters like mine do, it still stays on without coming off. I also love the brush applicator it makes it so easy and fast to put my lashes on. The only downfall I have is (tell me if this happens to you too) when I close the lid, glue oozes up into the applicator and spills out when I twist the lid closed and now I just have dried glue on the outside of the bottle. Otherwise I'm going to repurchase!

Brooke-Lynn D.
Easy as 1, 2, 3

I am so happy that a drugstore company came out with a waterproof, latex free, eyeliner type lash glue which makes it mess free and simple. I bought the Revlon lashes also and it was a great pair. Another thing i like about the glue is that when it came time for me to remove my lashes none of my real lashes came out with it.. & IT ISN'T ALOT OF MONEY