Kaitlin W.

I like this concealer but I was bummed that the 3 shade was a bit to dark and the 2nd to light 😑😑but in terms of the actual concealer it's great it's really blendable and nice the formula is also really good, what I didn't like was the sparkles. I don't know if it's me but I see sparkles, well they aren't bad but a little weird don't you think?

Jenny T.
Wasn't my favorite

I liked it for awhile because it did have nice coverage and it was versatile enough to be used under the eye and on blemishes! However I've found there's just better drugstore concealers out there. It's quite cakey under my eyes due to my oily skin, even if I set it. I used a real techniques brush to blend out on any blemishes, but still seemed cakey on them as well. Like I said, there are cheaper and better alternatives.

Hannah B.
Great coverage

I think that this concealer if perfect. I adore the color blending and it applies smoothly and covers fully. I love the way it feels and the way it blends. I will buy this again. Love it.

Robi n S.
I like it

I've always been apprehensive about using stick concealer, but hearing the good reviews gave me a change of heart. it covers my dark circles but I wish it was a little easier to blend. Here's a tip to make the product creamier, grab a hairdryer and hold it over the product for 20 seconds it melts the concealer just enough that application is smooth and doesn't tug on the skin.

Marina S.
I really love this

I used to use this way back and I loved it! I loved the coverage it was nice and creamy it did wear off a bit but I still loved how well it covered I think the colorstay products are all really amazing tbh plus this really stayed pretty good!

Denise P.
Not good

After reading the reviews here I was so excited to try this product out, especially since I love Revlon. Once I got it, I was so disappointed, It creased under my eyes and it did not cover. It just made my undereye area look like a big cakey mess. Maybe it didnt conceal good enough for me because I have super dark circles, idk. I still use it though on any blemishes, but other than that, a huge miss.

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Olivia H.
By far the best concealer

I love this concealer! A beauty expert friend of mine recommended it to me just before my senior pictures were taken and before I started skin medication and the results were amazing. It's very easy to blend and has great coverage. It covers under the eyes for me wonderfully, and I will always buy this product over other concealers I have tried.

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Linda D.
Bang for your buck

I've tried many concealers from high end to many drug store and this is by far my favorite. It's very creamy so don't let that scare you. Very easy to blend. I have this in shade Medium Light and also in Light and works amazing as a high lighter. I have extremely oily skin so this lasts all day with any setting powder. Only down fall for me is that the cap after a while it gets really yucky and dirty. Now I just try and wipe the sides after every use so that the access product doesn't rub against the plastic cap.

Idah H.

Due to over-whelming feedback on this concealer,i decided to give it a try.Got it in 'Medium' as my skin is on the tanner side,my mind was telling me love it or placed it together with others of my not-too-fav products.Its so creamy that i expected it to crease on my under-eyes as they are pretty dry.At the end of the day,when i check into the mirror it stays put!I wished revlon won't discontinued this terrific product;)

Kalynn K.

I really like this product because it's full coverage and it's really creamy so it's easy to blend. The only thing is that it doesn't work under the eyes for me because I have dry skin, so the concealer sticks to the dry patches and accentuates them. But I think really good, just don't apply on dry patches.