PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup


Kimberly L.

This product matched my skin color very well. I debated whether or not to purchase this because there weren't any testers available.

-Matched my skin tone quite well -Definitely noticed an "airbrushed" look. Made my skin look very smooth -Did not notice the shimmer that most people commented on ( but I haven't worn it out yet, so maybe it'll show in brighter lights?) -Can be either light to full coverage. Easy to build -Seems to be geared for people with dryer skin. I have dry skin, but I would assume that it would be somewhat greasy on oily skin types. -Only need to use a small amount. It looks like a large amount in it's foamy state, but it still seems to be a lot of foundation. (I only put a small amount on my hand and I still had leftover foundation. I tend to like light coverage and I do have a smaller face, so less area to cover)

-Unpleasant scent. If you're sensitive to scents, I don't recommend this product. It almost smells like latex.

I don't have the product with me now, so it was difficult for me to remember. Hopefully this product lasts a long time and it seems as if this is a product you'd wan't to use sparingly. Hope this helps someone out there. Happy Makeup hunting :]

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Rina N.
Photo of product included with review by Rina N.

I really like the texture of this product because its very creative. The color matched me really well. To pump out product is hard to handle because it keeps on coming out even after your not pumping. So Its best to start out small and increase instead of doing a huge pump. You have to mix it fast because it tends to dry and once it dries it sorta stays there. It has tons of shimmer so If your pairing that with the Revlon Photoready powder than you'll be a walking disco ball. With a matte powder it wont reduce much of the shimmer since the shimmer is on your face. It fees heavy at first but when it dries it feels light. It has a medium coverage. Overall you just have to to be careful with it but if your up for it then you should try it.

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Naomi M.

I used to love this as it matches my skin really well, but I just hate the pumps! It is hard to control the amount you want to get out of it.

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Holly K.
It's just sitting in my makeup drawer

I bought this because I was a sucker for the texture and I love Emma stone... I shouldn't have wasted $13. It's soooo sparkly. I put it on in my room and it looked ok. It had ver light coverage and I could see a little shimmer in it. I took my mirror and went outside into the sunlight and I looked like a vampire from Twilight. It also made my pores stand out on my nose and cheeks. And if you have any type of dry patches on your skin do NOT even think about this foundation. This showed me patches on my face that I thought were perfectly moisturized before I applied it... I wanted to like this soo bad. But it's just not very good in my opinion.

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Lisa W.
Best foundation hands down

I tried this because it was on sale, and now I'm addicted to Revlons photo ready and airbrush anything. This covers my skin so well and doesn't leave my face looking cakey or oily. I love love love love this foundation!

Davia G.
Flawless Seamless Perfection

Can we say holy heaven in a can! I am foundation lust! I have so many kinds and types of foundation that the day I saw the ad launch I drove to the store to buy it just to prove that I would find something wrong with it! Foundation is so hard for me to match with my unique ethincity I always have to combine several products to get a good match. I had a hard time guessing which "can" would match but my best guess turned into foundation perfection.. This comming from a self professed skeptic! The color is perfect, excellent, even coverage, didn't breakdown and I was comfortable wearing it (breathable)! I instantly took a pic of the can and posted it on FB and several people followed instep! I am becoming more and more impressed with improvements and quality of Revlon's Product line and find myself replacing several of my overly-hyped overly-priced Specialty Cosmetics with cosmetics from Revlon's new and improving product line!

Tya D.
Loved it

Absolutely adored it. I don't have any pimples just light freckles and it covered those really well. If you need a heavier coverage I suggest something else but it's perfect for me. It matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn't leave an oily look after. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that it has sparkles in it which stand out a tiny bit in the sun. I don't really mind looking like Edward Cullen though. :)

Sarah M.

I heard a lot of negatives about this product and the Maybelline Dream Nude Foam foundation. I decided I was going to try one or the other, so I ventured out to my local WalMart. I found a can of the Maybelline foundation that'd been opened and tested, so I swatched it on my hand and there was barely any coverage. I found the same with this foundation (only a LOT darker than my shade) and I fell in love! The texture is wonderful, and the coverage is even and buildable. I did some guesswork and found that my shade was 002 Shell. I wore it out for the first time today under Revlon's Color Stay powder, and it held up incredibly well. I heard a lot of stories about this product oxidizing and turning orange during the day, and luckily that didn't happen in my case. A little also goes a VERY long way with this product. I only used maybe 1.5 nickel sized amounts and it gave great coverage for my whole face. Didn't make my Combination/Oily skin anymore greasy or shiny which is a suuuper plus for me! Definitely happy with my purchase and I would totally recommend it.

Pily C.
Not that bad, not that good

I have a complete week using it, and it hasn't make me break out, and I am in acne treatment right now, the issue is that at first the product pops out a lot when pumping, and the first try I didn't liked it, the second day I used a little less and applied it with a sponge it got well blended. The good thing about this foundation is that covers the little scars of acne, matches my skin tone, last from 5 am to 5 pm perfectly, the shimmering is not an issue for me, and it didn't look like carton.

Rebecca L.
Do not use your fingers to apply!

I am such a sucker for trying out new drugstore foundations, of course I had to try this one! (I skipped out on Maybelline's on purpose.) The coverage was just fine, very similar to their Color Stay foundation...maybe a bit better. Of course, with my skin, the main determinant of how well my face will look with ANY foundation is how much sleep I get the night before and how much water I've been drinking. I began to apply the product with my hands and quickly got overwhelmed. I switched to my foundation brush, and that was the key to my success! Not a bad foundation by any means, I'm glad I didn't waste my money on curiosity.