PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara

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Becca B.
The best out there!

I seriously love this stuff. It gives me that perfect "Drama Lashes" look for a night out. I also found that it made my lashes grow. Like WHOA NOW MY LASHES ARE TEN FEET LONG!

Sophie S.

This mascara is great for people with long, but skinny lashes. I suffer from absolutely no volume and sparsity, but decent length. I feel like spongebob. Anyways, this is GREAT for separating and creating volume. I wouldn't say its extremely lengthening, but does add a bit. Mostly it's great for making my lashes thicker.

Raven N.
Does nothing whatsoever

I actually bought this mascara after reading all the great reviews on this site. I have had it for about 4 months now and I just can't come up with anything good about it. My lashes do not look like I put anything on them. The brush is good at separation, that is true but no volume and no length. I tried and tried but no luck with this stuff.

Alexis M.

I absolutely LOVE this mascara. The formula is amazing and makes your lashes super voluminous and separated. It's one the best drugstore mascaras I've tried and it makes you look like you have a million lashes! Will definitely repurchase, this product needs a lot more attention too!

Jen B.
Love this mascara!

Thought I'd try this because it was on sale. Turns out I am in love with this mascara! It defines and lengthens my lashes, and with a quick second coat it will give them more volume. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Amelia R.
"They're Real"'s Drugstore Dupe!

I, like many makeup connoisseurs, rarely repurchase mascaras. As the most frequently replaced makeup item in one's collection and with so many different types to choose from, few of us are faithful to any one mascara. Or, at least, that's how I was before I found this.

I found this mascara in Walgreens after the release of Benefit's "They're Real" mascara. After hearing all this hype about the traditional/torture ball fusion wand, I was intrigued. This was the most widely loved mascara since Covergirl Lashblast. I really wanted to try it, but for $22, that was not happening. So imagine my excitement when I found this, its $8 twin.

I wrote a full review on my blog:

Jacena M.
Not Enough Recognition..

This is a really nice mascara. When I bought it I wasn't thinking much of it, I just wanted to try it (and the packaging is cute to pass up.. mascara addiction lol). When I tried I was so shocked with the results. It lengthens AND adds volume to my lashes. I've been using almost everyday since I got it. I don't think it gets enough attention.. considering that's not many reviews, raves, or appearances in monthly favorites that I've seen. Go give it a shot!!!!! :)

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Samantha K.
Great Mascara But can be clumpy

I really like this mascara. It gives a lot of volume, decently lengthens, and separates really well. I feel like when I have this on it always makes me look like I have more lashes than I actually do. It also is good at holding curl.

I'm not really a fan of the bulky tube but that's not really an issue. The wand has the rubber-y bristles (not fibers) and spikes at the tip, similar to Benefit's "They're Real!" mascara. I find that if I don't wipe off the wand on the edge of the tube before applying, this mascara will clump on me. But clumpiness isn't as much of an issue as it is on other mascaras like L'Oreal Voluminous, I just find that my lashes look cleaner and more defined when I remove excess product from the wand, and any clumpiness is minimized. I wear contacts and have had no trouble with this mascara.

Mary S.

Revlon's PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara us the latest addition to their very popular, and growing line; PhotoReady, and also their newest mascara. The formula is supposedly reflection, giving the appearance of longer, more abundant lashes. PhotoReady 3D is available in 3 shades, and does not appear to have a waterproof version. Revlon makes no mention of this mascara being ophthalmologist tested, or safe for wear with contact lenses, so be weary if you have sensitive eyes. Revlon products are not tested on animals. This product was made in the USA of domestic and imported ingredients. I purchased my tube at Rite Aid for $4.99 on sale, but this mascara will normally run you about $10. I really love Revlon packaging in general packaging in general, and I'll do my best not to go on a rant about how lovely the packaging for PhotoReady 3D is. This mascara's packaging is sleek. A square, matte tube with a silver metallic cap. The base of the cap features a glossy black bit with "Revlon" written on it. The tube doesn't offer much information on the product, but it still has more than your average tube of mascara. I just love how sleek and functional Revlon packaging is. It's both modern and elegant. They definitely have the best packaging on the drugstore level. I'll stop now. According to Revlon, the brush has a "special lash accentuating tip that reaches every lash to provide dimension to the extreme". That means it has a rounded tip. The brush has plastic bristles that are short and pretty dense. The brush doesn't taper or curve at all, it just suddenly comes to a rounded tip. The round tip really does come in handy for coating the inner lashes, as well as the bottom ones. PhotoReady 3D is a very easy to apply mascara. The brush glides through the lashes. To apply this mascara, I use a combination of sweeping and wiggling motions. To elaborate, I sweep from the roots to the middle of the lashes, then wiggle my way upwards, to achieve best results for my lashes. Everyone's lashes are different so that technique may not be best for you. Any way you apply this mascara should give you beautiful results though. Beautiful results, like defined, full lashes that nearly touch my brow bone. Impresseddd. Revlon says two coats of this mascara will give "100% more magnified, multiplied, amplified lashes". Normally I wouldn't agree with such a claim, but when I was showing my boyfriend the difference between my natural lashes and my lashes with PhotoReady 3D, he said "they look 100% better." No, he didn't read the packaging. So maybe this claim is legit, or he was just being nice, but I'd like to think it's for reals. Though this mascara has "volume" in the name, I feel like this gives me more length than volume. I mean I get a substantial amount of volume, but I feel like the length I get from it is more noticeable. What I don't notice is this mascara being shiny or reflective in any way, so I'm not buying the "magnified lashes claim". This mascara lasts very well, even through 9 hour work days this mascara doesn't flake or smudge at all. Today I wore it for 13 hours and it was still perfect when I took it off. PhotoReady 3D is slightly difficult to remove, but nothing an oil based makeup remover can't take care of. This isn't "pull your lashes" out difficult to remove or anything. *side glance at Maybelline Falsies* Revlon's PhotoReady 3D Volume mascara is my new favorite and I highly recommend it. Just two coats give me beautiful lashes that could almost pass as fake. I love the easy application, interesting brush, and very sleek packaging. I'd repurchase this mascara if I could get if for half price or if I had a coupon. I might even shell out for it full price, but probably not. I'm too cheap. D=

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Kristen A.
Comparable to Benefit They're Real Mascara (But Better!)

(In shade Blackened Brown.)

First, let me spoil this review by saying I absolutely love this mascara. I've since tried two other mascaras and I keep coming back to 3D PhotoReady Volume. This was even the mascara I used for my wedding look!

The wand is much like Benefit's They're Real Mascara with the rubberized wand and round tip bristles. However, I didn't get any volume from Benefit's They're Real, and it pulls the curl from my lashes. Revlon's 3D PhotoReady Volume Mascara provides volume, lift, separation, and length, without pulling the curl from my lashes and all while still looking very natural. It's easy to apply to lower lashes, too, thanks to that rounded tip.

The formula is just right - not too wet, not too dry, and it doesn't smudge or flake. It wears perfectly for the 12-16 hours I typically wear my makeup. It isn't difficult to remove with a makeup removing cleanser.

I really haven't found any qualities I dislike about this mascara. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you're looking for that does-it-all mascara that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

Revlon's 3D PhotoReady Volume Mascara can be found wherever Revlon products are sold (drugstores, super stores such as Target or Walmart, ULTA, etc.), online via and, and retails for around $8.99. There are three shades available, including Blackened Brown.

(For my blog review, swatches, and other photos, please follow through here:

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