Nail Care Quick Dry Polish


Cristina O.

I really like this base coat. I use it to prevent my nails from yellowing and helping my nail Polish last longer. It's dries fast and does its job well!

Amelia M.
Perfect, all time favorite base coat!

I bought his after my Sally Hansen double duty wasn't doing we'll for me. I was happy I bought it! The formula is fantastic. Dries quickly and is sufficient for 1-2 weeks! I haven't had my nails stain with this! Will buy for sure again!

Rafi S.

It does exactly what it says: provides a glossy, hard top coat that dries quickly. Make sure to wait for the bottom coats to dry.

Not much else to say. It's the only topcoat I use.

Layn L.
An essential:

This really cuts down on my manicure time since it dries incredibly fast and protects my nails from staining under colorful polishes that would normally leave them looking ragged and ugly whenever I want to leave my nails bare. It doesn't protect from the worst staining polishes but it definitely does a lot of good for ones that leave mild stains.

Iga K.
Love it

It really lenghtens the life of your nail designs. It gives a smooth surface and a beautiful shiny finish. But don't use it on freshly painted nails, because it can smudge the design.