Nail Care Multi Care Base + Top Coat


KrizzTina M.
Very Different

a few times i heard that products like this were of lower quality and bad for my nails but i actually enjoy this product. It's very quick and easy to use and i love the consistency. I also like the packaging, its glass but its also simple and very neat.

Angela s.

Now I go get my finger nails done, but I do my own toe nails. This is the top coat I use on my toes and I love it. I can go up to 2 weeks without my polish chipping. No matter the season wiether its fall/winter and my toes are covered, or in the spring/summer when they're exposed. Over all it's cheap and works.

Ashley C.
My nails have never been better!
Photo of product included with review by Ashley C.

Im the girl who went from hating to do anything with her nails, to acrylic then back to nothing! I started painting my nails with this top coat and noticed my short stubby nails getting thicker and longer that was almost 1 month ago!my nails have never been this good!

Applies evenly, no harse odor, great base +Top coat for nails & toes Light chipping after 1 week, Very affordable and located everywhere!!

I apply this polish with Revlons "All fired up" polish and i am set for atleast 5 days with no chipping! i couldnt live without this now! Revlons nail enamels are also to die for and the colors cant be beat!

Cindy M.
I would recommend Revlon Multicare Base + Top coat for the sole purpose of home and personal use

When it comes down to it I am a no fuss kind of girl, I like my product to work well be cost efficient and hey if there's a shortcut to be had somewhere, awesome!

So when I came across Revlon's Multicare Base + Top Coat at my local retail store I grabbed it immediately. After all didn't Revlon revolutionize the nail industry decades ago? I have enjoyed many Revlon cosmetics and nail lacquers over the years and for the price this was not a great risk. I have since been using this base and top coat over a period of three months on my own nails and on some of my home clients. I was initially very pleased with the convenience of a coat that performs two jobs and at first Revlon Multicare seemed to be doing both well. Not amazingly well, but very acceptable.

It's not until I had used it on someone else that some of the product's drawbacks started to present themselves. My first issue came with the top coat aspect, it seemed to leave a very thin coating so that I had to replenish my brush for every nail and when it came to the thumb nails I had to do it twice. However once the coat dried it did leave a nice finish with proper shine.

My second problem is more recent and has to do with the base coat aspect. Since I have been using Revlon Multicare regularly it has been aging and the viscosity of such a product can change over time usually it becomes thicker and more difficult to work with. I am finding this is already happening here and rendering the base almost useless. As a base it now leaves grooves and pockets on the nail, so when you apply your color polish it is uneven and bumpy. Not something you would want for yourself or others!

In the end I would recommend Revlon Multicare Base + Top coat for the sole purpose of home and personal use and with the expectation that the low price also means it has a short life span. Some will not like that it is initially a very thin coating which requires a bit of extra time to dry. However if you need something easy on the wallet, easy to apply and do not need it for a long period of time it does do the trick in a jam.

Erin P.
Not the greatest

If I use this top coat too close to when I go to bed, it leaves creases and marks. I've used it about 4 hours until I go to bed and it still happens!