Mineral Finishing Powder


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I got this at CVS when they had their clearance frenzy going on in the beginning of the year. I bought this to use as a highlighter so I can save my MAC MSF in Refined since it was a L.E. item. I have to say they are pretty much the same product, just different brands. It gives such a nice glow on the cheeks and it really is a great highlighter. Lasts all day! This product will last me a while since it's a baked product. I have yet to make a dent in it and I've used it a lot. It's a bummer that they discontinued this line which is a HUGE con for me because I really love it!

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Dawn C.
I am buying out the drugstores as you read this!

I love this product. It really gives me a nice soft finish over my ColorStay foundation. I actually like it just as much as my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, but the price is waaaaaay better with Revlon.

I was bummed to hear that it's being discontinued, but glad to get it at such a low price ($2.99 at a discount store and they take coupons!!!!!).

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Yolanda N.

I´ts just perfect for me, i sheer shinny but not too much, a product that you can use just a touch in the day time for glow, and a bit more in the evening if you are going to a party. The bad thing it not very natural, if that is your thing. But i don´t care! :) i will keep buying it till they dont sell it anymore!

Areesha S.

works great and is best for on camera and has a little sparkle but not very noticeable i also us a dark colour in this for conturing i also put this on top of my foundation instead of using a loose powder

Whitney H.

This is very good. I can't believe it's going to be discontinued. It's a perfect transparent powder. You can't tell it's on once you've applied it, but does it's job. It's too bad. I better stock up before it's all gone.

Miss N.

Amazing bronzer/highlighter! The powder is so soft! I buy this in bundles when I see them seeing how their being discontinued soon.

Not impressed with that seeing how it is such a good product.

Hurry and get your hands on them if you can!

Johan P.
It's going to leave us! :(

This fabulous Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder its so nice. I use it as a bronzer and its work wonders! So sad it's going to be discontinued soon. I bought the last ones at a pharmacy and it's cost me like $3.00! So fun! Love it!!

Miss Manny S.
A bit too much shimmer

I remember when I was going through a phase where I loved super dewy looking foundation. I tried a slightly shimmery foundation primer, Maybelline's Fit Me foundation, and I used this powder to set it all. I took a picture a few hours later and it looked like I'd just run up 20 flights of stairs. I've never looked so sweaty. The powder doesn't do very well at absorbing oil because the more you apply, the worse you look. It's also pretty rough feeling in the pan so I wish the texture were a little bit more smooth. I almost feel like if you were to grind this up it might end up a pretty highlighter. Unfortunately I just tossed mine out of frustration.

Dana A.
I have Sun Tan Matte

I use this powder to set highlighted zones of my face. Doesnt appear shimmery to me at all but maybe if I tried setting my entire face with the stuff I would be glowing like a bulb. Dont intend to. Havent noticed any super oil blocking properties.

Jessie I.
I hate it

I absolutley hate it! I bought it at CVS, in the light pink. I put a little pit on, but it make my look like a disco ball! I threw it out, and I'll never use it again!