Matte Lipstick

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Paige N.

This is by far my favorite lipstick PERIOD. I'm very picky when it comes to nude lips, and this shade made me a happy girl. I'll have to admit, it looks a bit orange by itself. I have to use a nude lipgloss over it. I use Bonnebell's Lip lites in Cappuccino. The combination works beautifully. Great for everyday.

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Meidy M.
great prodcut!

i own this in mauve it over, in the red, and nude attitude PROS -very pigmented (especially in the red) -lasts very long -surprisingly not drying -suggest you to buy this during a bogo sale - easy to find anywhere (walmart, cvs, walgreens, target,etc)

CONS - cant think of any :P

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Amanda V.
I'm in love!
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I prefer matte lipstick over anything else. Revlon is, hands down, the best lipstick out there. Their matte colors range anywhere from berry colors to nudes. All beautiful.

I like to apply a nude color with a clear gloss and it gives me the perfect, wearable lip. It's long lasting and reasonably priced. I'll never wear anything but Revlon.

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Kristina S.

I got this lipstick last year on boxing day which is a day after xmas. I love the color, i love how pigmented it is on my lips, correct me if i'm wrong but i find it's a dupe for mac viva glam gaga lipstick 1.

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Courtney S.
I hate that it makes my lips look more chappy

I was looking for a nude lipstick so I purchased the Nude revlon lipstick. I liked the color but I think it was wayy too light for my lips. It goes smooth on my lips but it makes my lips chapped and it showed every little line on my lips so it make my lips supper chappy. Maybe my lips just doesnt look good with nude lips. Im not used to it.

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Elaina Y.
Orange is the shade

This is a horrible nude lipstick for me. When you look at the colour in the tube, it looks like a beigh nude. As soon as you put this lipstick on it turns to this orange concealer colour! If you apply more than one coat of this it gives you a dead look but slightly orange... The formula is thick and chalky. It dries really fast and even if you apply a lip balm underneath it doesn't really help. There are a lot of great nude shades of drugstore lip sticks around the same price range or cheaper, go for those ones. This is a miss!

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Daniel C.
An exciting NUDE color!!

This lipstick is my newest obsession to coordinate with smokey, dramatic eyes. It is the perfect shade of pink/brown. The brown component of nude lipsticks alone is BORING, but a touch of PINK and it makes nude lips, exciting! Get this shade of lipstick, it is the BEST!! I LOVE IT!

Megan U.

I am obsessed with Revlon lipstick in general, but I love the mattes the most! The formulation is not too drying and is nicely pigmented. I do wish that there were more shades available. I have three of these: Pink Pout, Stormy Pink, and Smoked Peach. I think that Smoked Peach is a nice nude color, but I usually do like to wear a nude gloss over it as well because the lipstick alone tends to wash me out a little. Stormy Pink is by far my favorite. It is a nice light neon pink on me (not neon like the 80s). It is a unique color and goes well with a lot of different colors. I find Pink Pout to be a little light on me, but if you like really light lips, this color is great.

Teia B.

I Love This Lipstick! I have this in SIREN. It's very smooth and velvety on my lips. For my bonus, I like to use a lipgloss to give the color a POP.

Marissa G.
best damn drug store lipstick

I've recently turned into a lipstick junky over the past few months. I find myself being attracted to them over the usual lip gloss, especially since all lip glosses are too stick and feel like I just dabbed my lips with honey, yuck. Any who, Revlon super lustrous lipstick has not let me down yet. I have it in smoked peach and wine not and they are awwwwwesome. Great pigmentation and don’t dry out your pout which is always a plus. You still need to wear chap stick but if your lips aren’t dry all year around like mine then you can do without probably. Highly recommend to give this lipstick a shot.