Matte Blush

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Marianita B.

been using this product for 4 yrs now, its very light and i love its natural glow result.I used primer to hold it longer and surely it did...price is reasonable.

Shayla C.

Sooo ive been using this blush for about a year and i would have to say its ok.. its not very pigmented and you have to use alot if you want a real "stand-out" blush color. its perfect for me because i already have redness in my cheeks so after i put on my bronzer i put a little bit of the blush it highlights my face perfectly:)

Gracieee A.
not pigmented!

there's hardly any pigment, i brought one because i don't like really sparkly blush so i thought a matte one would be nice for everyday. you really have to build it up, i'm quite pale and i had to do 3-4 layers before it started to show, i will continue using this but not buy it again.

Vik A.
NO color!

It's been said, but I'll say it again... There's next to no pigment in the pan! The blush is dry and a little chalky, but for as much powder ends up on my face, there's no color payoff at all! Definite miss.

Sherry B.

Yes you can say that again DRYYYYYY even on my combo skin this stuff applies like BABY POWDER it jus lays there and isnt as pigmented as you would like...way to "light" and "dry"...

Mary K.
Not enough pigment

I have to layer this stuff on to make it work and that is not something I want to be fighting with when it comes to blush :( I will not buy this product again.

Kimberly O.
not as pigmented as I wouldve liked

not as pigmented as I would've liked. Seemed like I needed to apply quite a bit of product just to see some sort of difference. Beautiful shades though just wish I didn't need to apply 100 layers of it though