Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eyeshadow


Mizz Mea M.

OK I have all of these colors and love them all. I love these shadows they are so shimmery and applys with ease. A very good buy. If you are thinking of purchasing it do it you will love it.

Dallas Lynne S.

I bought this yesterday and tried out today on my eyes for school. I love this product! It's so sparkly and perfect for New Years makeup. The only problem I have with it is that in order to have it be darker, you have to apply a darker base before applying it. It's almost like a glitter/pigment. I love it because it can go from normal wear to dramatic wear with just a base color.

Izzy F.
beautiful colors

First of all, I have all 5 colors but have only tried 3 of them. There is a ton of fall out when using this product so I suggest applying foundaton once the eyes are complete. The shadows are very soft almost which I think is the reason for there being so much fall out. There are a few ways to use these shadows to get the best color pay off. I used an e/s primer all over the lid then on the area I was going to use this particular product I used a Maybelline color tattoo before applying the e/s. This helped with to make the e/s stick before and get the best color pay off. The second method is to use an e/s primer all over the lid then wet your brush (aka foiling) prior to picking up the e/s. I found the e/s easy to blend. All 5 colors are gorgeous and worth a try. BTW-I have this e/s on in my current profile pic.

Carla G.

I love this eye shadows!! i personally own the night sky and the starry pink and i love them both. One of the most sparkly eye shadows i've ever tried. It gives my eye make up the awesome finish i aim for because i like to apply them with a base color.

Angie A.

I love this eyeshadow so much, aaaahhh. It's so glittery. I use it literally every day, blended with whatever color I'm wearing that day, and it's always beautiful no matter what. Yes, there's a lot of fallout, but that's typical with shades this glittery!

Lori C.
sparkles everywhere

I saw this eyeliner and my eyes almost popped out of my head. I loveeee glitter so I bought it without a second thought. When I tried it at home, there was a lot of fallout - it doesn't glide on like regular shadows, it's more or less a container of loose glitter that they squished into this container. The color of the glitter isn't very obvious, it's just glittery and sparkly. The only thing I hate about it is that it gets ALL OVER your face and wont come off with simple wiping away. You have to be careful and precise to get it only on your eyes. But for that dramatic glittery look, its a good buy.

Kiesha B.

I just got this product for under $3.00!!! This was well worth the price! I agree with the previous comment that there can be fall out . But all in all its a great product for a store brand. I apply my color over another black shadow with a base of course. Stays on all day. Absolutely love the shimmer.

Angela s.

I bought two of these in Celestial Silver and Neptune Star. I had to get these because they looked so pretty. Now I do like these shadows, but I was a little disapointed with the pigmentation. The blue applies about a shade lighter and you have to build it to get the desired color. With the silver one I was hoping for a matte silver with silver glitter, but it goes on as more of a silver/white glitter then anything. So I do like these and dont regret buying them because they are very pretty, but at the same time they're not what I expected.

Macy V.
pretty colors..

I bought these because I thought it would make a good addition to a starry smoky look or club look...but it didn't turn out how I expect it...I thought it was so hard to blend..and very messy considering it wasn't a loose powder..the colors were hard to blend and it wasn't as pigmented...and I would have to pack on the colors to get the shade I want..other wise it just seem like you have white glitter on..

Victoria D.
Looks gorgeous in the pan...

These look amazing in the pan. Gorgeous, glittery, pigmented. Everything I want. However, upon application, all of that falls short. I though I was getting a dark, glittery plum colored eyeshadow. What I really got, was a super light wash of a plum-ish color, with tons of glitter fallout. I really wanted to love these. But my only solution thus far has been to use them ontop of the actual colors I want. Disappointed, but not disappointed to take them back I guess.