Liquid Eyeliner


Megan H.
It does what more expensive brands promise and fail to deliver...

I've always had a love/hate relationship with liquid liners- I love them but they hate my oily lids. Until now. This formula goes on a treat and once died it does not budge. I can make it through a full day in the office and a trip to the gym without worrying where my eyeliner may or may not have wandered to throughout the day.

The tapered sponge-tip makes application a cinch, even for my unsteady hands, and gives you the ability to draw on the finest line, a full on cat eye or anything in between.

It loses half a star due to the very limited colour selection but black and brown work for most days so I can't complain too much!

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Anery P.
My soulmate...

i just can't go out without it..i am in love with it...its just so smooth and easily glides over the creases and its tip!! its worth buying!!..i have four shades of it now!!(blue,purple,grey and black!) mad with dis liner..its a must try!

Tessa B.

I have used this for at least 10 years and love it! Tried many other brands, upscale and mass retailer, and this is still the best. Easy to use precision felt tip applicator, least flaky, doesn't smear all over the place like many liquid liners. Very even pigmentation and nice matte finish.

Katie R.
Lives up to the test!

I wore this all day yesterday for the first time; it did not smudge, flake, run, smear, or do anything! It stayed put the ENTIRE day outside in the summer's heat. I have oily lids too and most eyeshadows crease on me even with primer, but this did not end up in my crease. I was very pleased with the way it held up. This is great for beginners too, this is my first liquid eyeliner and the felt tip was a breeze to use. I would definitely repurchase this- it's so cheap too! I suggest purchasing it for $6 at Target and finding as many Revlon coupons as you can. At Target you can use a Target coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item.

Sarah M.

It's AMAZING!!! <3 It does what all of the expensive ones should do for a portion of the price! I normally see these going for around 10$.... I GOT MINE FOR 5$ AT MY LOCAL SAFEWAY!!! :D and it's excellent! I literally happydanced in the store when they started carrying it for the special Safeway price :D

Vanessa L.
I use it everyday

This has been my everyday eyeliner for years. It works great and it's easy to apply. The formula is super dark with just one coat. There are many eyeliners out there but this one is perfect for me. I thought about switching to MAC Fluidline because of the great reviews but there's no point in switching... I am very satisfied with this product and you can't beat the price (around $7 at Walmart).

Mari W.
One great liner that doesn’t budge.

This liquid liner is sold nearly everywhere. It offers one of the darkest blacks around and truly doesn’t budge after a long day on the oiliest of lids. Due to the packaging, I rarely see the product dry up where pen liners do so a bit too quickly. The sponge tip can draw an incredibly dark line and yet, with pressure, widen the line just as easily. In time, the brush point breaks down but that’s part of using a sponge tip. I wish they would increase the color range as it’s really a fantastic product.

Miss Manny S.
My HG eyeliner

This has really become my go-to liquid liner for everyday and I get the blackest shade that I can figure out (anybody else sick of brands having like 7 different shades of black?? I understand black brown, but I'm so lost when it comes to Carbon Black vs Extreme Black, vs Mega Ulta Black Hole Black). The applicator is everything I look for, it's sturdy enough to give even lines, fine enough to do the TEENIEST detail work, and it holds just enough product that a fresh bottle can let me line and wing my liner with one dip. It dries down nice and matte, very dark, and it doesn't budge. Love love love!

Sherry B.

REVLON COLORSTAY LIQUID E/L IN BLACKEST BLACK ! is the best!!! it DRIES matte!!! amazing!!! (sometimes you dont want a liquid latex looking finish) and you can get the thinnest line around with this! Amazing but the bottle dries fast dont plan on having this more than a month maybe 2 even if you close it quickly but its worth it!


This is actually the only black eye liner that can stay on my lid all day without smudging or transferring to the lid. and the intensity of the black is very good:) I like it much better than Loreal linear intense since it made my eyes reaction and it was not fun....