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Rebecca M.
Love this little palette

I love this palette so much. My favorite is the one with the neutral colors. Super pigmented but looks very natural. I like to use to palette when I want a more natural or no makeup makeup look. I even some of these colors as a primer and it work great as well. It's a bit on the pricey side for not lasting very long, but rite aid has 40% off revlon cosmetics every so often so I would take advantage to be these then!

Emily I.
It's alright.

I have the precious metals one and I can't say there is anything terrible about it, I just don't find myself reaching for it that often. It can have problems with creasing so I don't use it on humid days but it does make a good base for other shadows. I use the silver/grey as a foundation for dark grey smokey eyes a lot. Maybe creamy shadows just aren't for me.

Cristin I.
Goopy Mess!!

It creased and was sticky and gross! It's smeary and awful. I do NOT recommend. Maybe I should have set it with a powder or something but I'll never use again.

Amelia R.

These are amazing! I love my palette! I have the precious metals one. It is very shimmery, but the colors are so pretty and easy to blend out! Thumbs up from me!

Saby T.
Photo of product included with review by Saby T.

i have the limited edition 10 shade palette and the colours are actually very cool ! im not a big fan of cream eyeshadow but this one blends easily and i can apply another layer with just my finger tips !

it's ok. very creamy, makes application and blending out easy. pigmentation is decent. I have moonlit jewels, and the light gold and deep burgundy-brown shades are good for everyday makeup. all the shades have a fine metallic shimmer to them. I use it as a base for eyeshadows. it's alright, does what I use it for pretty well, but I probably wouldn't repurchase.

Vanshika N.

Savanna S.

I got this palette the other day in "Not Just Nudes" and I love, love, love the lightest shade in it. It makes the perfect highlight colour for my inner eye and it works nicely as a base colour for my smoky eye. I have yet to try out the other colours but so far the light colour is worth every cent.

Denise A.
Good I like it

I used this eyeshadow but not this one.. i use the netural colors ! its a good palent just put on a eyeshadow primer ! it stays on the whole day and comes off easily! I like ie :)

Heather H.
Good base

This product is alright for me. It has good pigmentation but it creases a lot. I could not wear it just as is, but it does work as a good base. Not sure if i would buy more... But i do use it.