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ColorStay Undereye Concealer

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Wai L.
Great coverage!

I use this under my eyes and on any acne scars I may have. I use a lighter shade than my skin tone and put foundation over it. I have zero complaints. When you just purchase it, you'll have to turn it a few times to get the concealer to come up to the top but after that, there should be no problem, especially if you are using this product often (no time for product to settle).

Kyraa D.
Not Sure What They Were Thinking..

as mentioned in previous reviews, the packaging is terrible! it looks pretty cool - which is mainly what attracted me to it - but after using it once, I was utterly disappointed. twist it a few times & hardly anything comes out, but twist one too many times, & BAM; concealer everywhere. however, the product itself is pretty good! it highlights my eyes great & makes me look more awake. the packaging however is too much of a hassle & I won't be buying this concealer again :/

Angel F.
packaging and shade variants need some improvement

I actually like the consistency of this product. It covers underye circles and blemishes pretty well and the staying power is ok when you set it with powder. I do not like the packaging though since its hard to gauge how much you're gonna use and you end up wasting alot. They only have limited shades so its hard to find one that matches your exact color.

Gracey W.
Love the product, hate the packaging

This was the first under eye concealer I ever used, and I love the formula because it did an amazing job of covering my under eye circles. The only problem I had with it (maybe I had a bad one?) was that even if I just turned it once, a BUNCH of product would come out, way more than I needed, and I ended up wasting a lot of the product :(

Kimberly O.
takes quite a few turns

the coverage is almost transparent. It takes quite a few gradual turns each use in order to get any product and once product reaches top more than initially wants comes out.

Kate L.
Cakey makeup in an awful package

You have to twist for about 2 minutes before you get a HUGE blob of product. Then you try to blend some of that with your finger, but it's sticky and does not blend. In about 15 minutes, it settles into every crease under your eyes and cakes up. The breaking point was when my boyfriend asked me why my undereye area looked "sad" and crinkled and asked if I had tried putting lotion on it. This stays in my purse for absolute emergencies, and that's it.