Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipcolor


Ahrar A.
long lasting

long lasting perfect gloss I really really really love it ... I would buy it agaain the only problem thar it made my lips dry but nothing a lip balm won't fix

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Aidin F.

it does stay on for 24 hours and the colors are very bright u just have to put on some lip balm before cuz it realy dries your lips but apart form that i realy recomend this product.

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Emily B.

Love this gloss,it actually works and stay on for hours, it doesn't end up on my water bottle or food or anything that touches my lips, Its a pretty color and I get tons of compliments on it, it is soo worth the ur money

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Caitlin F.

This lipgloss is VERY similar to the Mac Pro Longwear Lipglasses. Both are drying, sticky, but SUPER opaque. The wand itself is pretty standard, and it picks up a lot of the gloss, so you really only need two applications (just the be sure of your lip line and whatnot). Like the Pro Longwear Lipglasses, if you wear balm+lipliner underneath it'll cut down the stickiness of the gloss.

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Raven N.
First lip product with NO feathering whatsoever! Sticky as hell...

I have three color of these: Brilliant Bourdeaux (deep wine purple), Top Tomato (classic bright red), and Miracle Mauve (barely noticeable compared to my lips).

They are really easy to apply with their doe-foot applicator. It is easy to get a really smooth and clean line on the edge of the lips and I used no lip liner. The color is opaque; the first coat dries close to instantly (with OR without a lip balm or base) and it is as opaque as you want it to be with another coat. The color is vibrant (ESPECIALLY Top Tomato - this color is such a perfect bright red in about one coat...Brilliant Bordeaux needs 3 layers to be perfectly opaque). Also should mention the packaging allows you to get pretty much ever drop of product out.

I worked a full shift with these on my lips without touching up and only checked it once before I got home and it looked almost exactly as it did when I put it on. I ate, drank, etc. (not huge intense meals though, just snacking) and it still looked perfect with no fading OR feathering at all, and every lipstick feathers on me! I noticed slight fading with Brilliant Bordeaux, but I had a lot of drinks was bound to rub off slightly ;) .

The only thing is that they dry but they remain "sticky". Not sticky/goopy like a lip gloss - when I put my lips together they "glue" together and I literally have to PULL them apart. I tried to mask it with a balm but it absorbed right through the lipstick and into my lips and left me where I started with glued lips (although no effect to the color at all) and a gloss (just made it seem stickier). Basically I can't take the stickiness! Blech.

If you can't handle a sticky lip situation then these will make you crazy.

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Victoria R.

Love the colour and staying power, but I do find that it dries my lips out so I don't wear it often, also sometimes the colour starts to crack a little bit throughout the day.

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Em R.

This is an amazing staining lipstick. it stays on for hours, and will not smudge or fade whist eating or drinking. It does, however dry your lips. I would recommend putting a clear gloss over it.

Its sticky when you first apply it, but it will eventually dry if you leave it for a few minutes.

This lipstick goes very well in the colder seasons, as the colours are not very bright.

Overall, I recommend buying this product for autumn and winter, and if you are going to be out for a long time, as this lipstick stays on for hours. Goes on glossy, dries matte.

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Kaitlin J.
Horribly drying, flakey.

It does stay on all day, and it is very true to it's color I just can't stand how drying it was to my lips. Even applying a gloss or a lip balm on top didn't help. Also after a couple hours of wearing it I noticed a lot of flaking. I will still wear it once in a while because I really do like the color but really this product wasn't as great as I thought it would be.

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Stephanie G.

When I swatched on my hand I could tell these had great staying power but when on the lips they are totally drying and accentuate all the fine lines in my lips. I have to put some chapstick on to make look decent. However thwy do last all day long. For the record, I do have dry lips and need moisturizing lip products.

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Kerry-ann H.


Yes, the lipstick stays on but looks horrid so who would want it to? As soon as you put it on it drys right away but shows every line in your lip and does not look flattering. It may work for ladies with smaller lips but it looks horrible on my full lips. Not to mention the outline it leaves of your lips is horrible too.

Waste of $10. Never again. :(

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