ColorStay Mineral Lip Glaze


Amanda W.
I think that's the color i have....

I love the smell of smells an orange creamsicle of something. i dont know, I just love it.

Secondly, the color(which I *think* I picked the right one...I hope! I'm sorry!) is a really pretty neutral color. It doesnt seem like it, but it's a pretty nondescrip reddish/bronze that just kind of goes with everything, and is inCREDIBLY moisturizing. It can be a little sticky, and it can settle around the lines of your mouth if you aren't careful, but it's very well pigmented, and I'd recommend it, and I'd probably buy it again.

Angela s.
Not their best lip product

Now I love Revlons lip products. I feel like they have one of the best drugstore lip product selections thats a good quality. These mineral ones are the only miss in their lip product line. I do like the color pay off of these glosses, but for me they are a little too sticky and dont last too long. They do have a orange creamsicle scent to them though. But over all I'd recommend all their other lip products over this one.

Shannon T.

The color was pretty good I'd say. The smell was quite over powering though. I don't mind it, but it could be mellowed. Could be just my tube. It's very pigmented and goes on easily!

Evelyn B.

Ok, so I brought this product when CVS was having there clearance sale on beauty products. I brought Continuous coral 75% off. It's a nice coral color. It smells AWESOME. But the one thing I don't like about this product is that after the second application it starts to get sticky. other then that it gives my pigmented lips and very night bright color.. Check my blog out for pictures.



Not the best out there by Revlon. This is an older product but much too sticky for my liking. Colors are very pigmented though, only upside. However wouldn't purchase again.