ColorStay Brow Enhancer


Ally S.
Easy to use, Great Brow Base

This is a great brow pencil for beginners who aren't sure how much brow they want yet. The darker color is a wax and goes on well, though needs a little coaxing at first. I use it so the shadow I use to fill in stays much longer. I can easily say it is water, sweat, and mixed drink proof. The highlight is creamy but also needs a little coaxing before it glides easily. Overall a great product from the drugstore lines.

Victoria D.

To get any color pay off from this thing, you pretty much have to coat your brows in the waxy color and slick them down! I'm not a fan at all! I bought this when I was trying out new brow products, and I was seriously disappointed. The highlight color is also very hard and waxy, and doesn't blend out at all, it just looks like you took a crayon to your brows!