Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel


Angela A.
Love it

I bought this after it was recommended by one of the very few makeup gurus I follow on youtube (makeup by tiffanyd). I absolutely love it. It's inexpensive, it is easy to use and it doesn't smudge. It is now part of my everyday routine. I get it in Light Brown.

Jani M.
You don't need touch ups!

I have tried most brow products under the Sun. My biggest problem was keep my brows in place throughout the day. I decided to head out to Sephora just to buy Benefit's Brow Zing because I heard the wax was good enough to keep my messy brows tamed. $30 later, and my eyebrows still like like a bush. I decided to try Revlon's Brow Fantasy, and it seriously keeps my brows tame and kept. I use to pencil lightly because I don't want my brows to look overdone, and then I set it with the brow gel. Seriously this product has quickly become my HG brow product because it just makes everything look amazing. Only downside is that there's not a wide selection of colors.

Angie R.

When I was younger, I shaved off my eyebrows and the first layer of my skin on the brows (I was like 5 yrs. old) My eyebrows never grew back the same. I discovered this a couple months ago and it is my miracle worker. I'm still practicing with it but it stays on FOREVER. One time, I even went kickboxing with it and it did NOT come off! I Highly recommend it! I use the brunnette color.

Irian L.

I discovered this a few months ago and it is a miracle worker. It seriously keeps brows tame and kept. I use to pencil very lightly because I don't want my brows to look overdone, and then I set it with the brow gel. I love the brow gel most of all the tint on the gel is great the pencil is ok nothing special about it . The gel is the little miracle it match perfecly with any pencil or powder that I uses it blends like a dream

Also you can find in almost any drug store where they sale revlon product which is great cause you know . We dont always have time to go to Sephora or Mac to pick up our gel so that great .


It not a real con but like I said the pencil is like any other so it not a real big deal . So weather I use this pencil or another pencil even a powder it really does not make a differents . Also I feel like it is not enough product (gel) but for the price what do you expect .

So if you are in the market for a new pencil/gel. I say go for .

Myrna P.

This one is pretty nice. I used it yesterday and today. The wand is pretty cool. First time using Gel and I expected it to be a disaster. I like this one for a bolder and darker look :)

Coco G.

It's the brow pencil which I am currently using. It looks really attractive in the package, especially the gel part. The pencil works really well and it really creates natural look, but the gel part is HORRIBLE, I barely use it again after my 1st try, it doesn't make any differences. I should say it's pretty much useless...I hope they have the brow pencil comes separately..

Laaya A.

I use this for my brows often especially when it just needs to be shaped and to look more defined because I have small brows. The pencil is good, but I love the gel so much more because the gel gives it the extra boost to making the brows look amazing. A good thing about it are that I can use two colors which are Brunette and Dark Blonde and it still looks good. Of course the Brunette gives more of a darker shade than the Dark Blonde but they still work because of my hair color and my skin tone.

Veronica T.
Love the gel, not the pencil

I am naturally dark brunette. I usually dont see the pencil, because it does not match my brow hairs that much. But the gel is useful and keeps your brows in place, not to mention you dont have to apply that much pencil [if you hair enough brow hairs], the gel well do it well and make them look tamed and natural.

Hannah B.
Gel is useless

The brow pencil didn't have a shade that complimented my natural eyebrow color. The brown was too dark and had a purple hue. The blonde was too light and seemed to have a reddish hue on my skin. My light skin shows all the pigments in the brow gels as well which only added to the awful colors. Overall don't purchase.