Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist


Alexandra A.
Best thermo active product for curls!

For all of you who think your curling iron curls don't stay, or the straighter curls always fall after an hour! here's your best friend!! The trick is to spray it right before u put the iron on not sprays ur whole head then go piece by makes all the different...on section at a time..spray then heat! ITs a go to for all curls looks of curly hair that needs strong control to straighten as well~

Megan N.

AWESOME! i use this over hairspray a lot. i would spray some all over my hair, but then i will brush it out a bit so its not so crunchy. thats the only downfall on this product. it gets really hard, really quickly. overall though it does protect my hair and it allows my curls to stay in real nicely.

Rachele A.
Ok, a little sticky?

It might just be my hair, but it kinda made my hair a little sticky. (I have coarse curly hair) However it did add shine so it did work a little.