Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Expert Face Brush

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Dawn C.
I keep buying this brush!

I love it! This brush can be used for so many different applications! I love it to apply my B.B. cream. Something about the shape and softness of the bristles gives me a perfect finish every time. I makes applying foundations a breeze around the eye and nose area.

I have also been using this brush to apply my contour colors and creme blushes. It feels very natural in my hands and I love how it spreads my products evenly.

You can't beat the price (approx. $8.00) and this brush has lasted through a year of 3-day a week washings.

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Rikki P.

Real Techniques brushes are very hyped up makeup brushes because Sam from pixiwoo is the creator of these. They're very affordable (from six dollars to eighteen dollars for sets) and can be purchased from Ulta and I believe Amazon as well.

I went to Ulta (forty minutes away) yesterday and purchased two brushes: face expert (orange) and setting (pink). The Expert Face brush is for blending cream and liquid foundation. The Setting brush is good for applying powder or highlight on certain areas of the face. I've been using Expert Face for tinted moisturizer all over and Setting to apply powder underneath the eyes where I like to set concealer.

I'm completely used to applying my tinted moisturizer with my fingers. I've used brushes before and I didn't like the way they left streaks all over my face so I just felt like brushes were useless. I also wasn't keen on the idea of washing the brushes after every use (because built up liquid product is not pretty, obviously). But I'm a fan of the pixiwoo sisters (more Nic than Sam, heh) so I wanted to support. I always see these brushes being used and I wanted to try the new ones out. Plus, I already own the purple handle eyeshadow brush and I love it, so why not get more? Ulta also had a BOGO50% sale. I just wanted to see if a Face Expert brush really made any difference.

Does it make a difference appearance wise? I'm not very sure. It is fun to use. Just swirling it around on my face is fun. It's so soft so it's nice. It does leave streaks so I have to use my fingers in the end to wipe those marks away. It has made a difference in a different department: feel. When I apply theBalm BalmShelter TM on my face with my fingers, it does feel a little TM-heavy. It's nothing major, but it's there. When I use the Face Expert brush, I can hardly feel the TM on my face at all.

This brush does shed a little bit. As I was doing my makeup, I noticed I had brush hairs on my face at least three times. Since the hairs were fairly easy to remove, I did not rage at all (lol), but it's not something I'd like to keep doing every time I do my makeup.

Overall, I like the brush. I will continue using it for my face makeup.

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Sandra  C.
Let's be real though.

So this brush is talked about a lot. I do own this brush and the only reason I haven't given it away is bc I do use it as back up when I just need to get out the door quick and don't feel like dirtying my nicer brushes. I feel like it soaks up too much product and I can tell when I wash it. I accidentally hit the sink with it one time while I finished washing it and it got a dent. it hasn't shed yet but there is this hair that pokes out and I'm scared if I pull it out it'll fall apart lol. I also dislike that it's so bulky.

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Lucy W.
So Good!!

This brush is perfect for liquid foundation and leaves skin flawless and not patchy! Amazing coverage and blends easy! Definitely recommend! All I say is to clean it often as it can collect build up of foundation in it and get very dirty and cause breakouts to skin!

Katie G.

Amazing brush, great quality. This brush is used for blending my contour colours and foundation into the skin. Does an absolute great job and I wouldn't think of looking at any other brand. So lovely to use on the face as it is really soft and isn't harsh when applying (I have really sensitive skin). If my brush ever became damaged I would definitely buy the same one again.

Audrey S.

If you haven't already bought a real techniques brush then get to your local Walmart and get one a is soon as possible, it's amazing high quality brush for a reasonable cheap Price

Arie C.
This brush is life.

For the longest time I have avoided foundation brushes. Normally all they do is make my skin look flaky and dry. I don't ever really like using powder brushes. But, I finally decided to give this brush a try... and hoooolymoly I'm so glad I did. It applied foundation, powder, bronze, blush, and my highlight beautifully. It so soft and gentle on my face; I had no problems with it roughing up any dry patches or flaky skin bits. It was literally one of those moments where something works so good for you that you kinda wanna cry. Love this product so much. I can not live without this brush.

Cheyenne B.
One of my favorite brushes:)

in love with all real techniques brushes 😍 i use this brush to blend out my foundation (along with the real techniques sponge) and it goes on so smooth and flawlessly 😃 definitely worth the purchase!

Eden P.

This product is so good! It's one of my favourite bushes at the moment for blending in my foundation and it is very dense and doesn't absorb all your product! It's probably one of my staple brushes

Rose R.
Perfect brush for blending foundation

Love love love. When I first got it I wasn't sure if I liked it but then after a few days I got the hang of it and learned how to use it for a flawless, well-blended finish. I use a combination of buffing, stippling, and swirling techniques to blend my foundation. It fits perfectly under the eye so I can blend undereye concealer with this brush as well. Quite a multitasker brush. I just can't say it enough - I love this brush. I want to keep buying it forever. It's an essential for makeup.