Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Blush Brush

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Amber R.
Love this for powder!
Photo of product included with review by Amber R.

I didn't really love this for blush, but it's great for applying powder when you want a precise application as it has kind of an egg shape to it. Full review at:

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Lyndsie  T.

Easy cleaning perfect shape one of my first brushes from this line of greatness super afforable synthetic and dont need to use with heavy hand applys product beautifully and really grabs most product will reccommend and repurchase

Loren H.
Real techniques are my favourite

They're soft, don't have fall out or waste product, blend product well and leave a flawless finish. Everything you want in a brush you find in the real techniques brushes and they're super affordable. Recommend them every single time. I use the blush brush for blush, highlight and bronzer.

Darcy W.
Great brush!

I have 4 of these bad boys in my kit. I use them for highlighting, contouring, bronzing, setting powder, and blush. It feels like Bambi's and Thumper's tail ^.^ It's feels amazingly soft and it blends powder flawlessly.

Myrna P.

I like this brush! It's soft and big and the transfer of product doesn't leave a harsh look on your cheeks for a nice soft finish. I would recommend every woman have this brush!

Cami F.

I am completely obsessed with this blush brush! It is so soft and big and transfer product onto my cheeks so perfectly. I pat the brush in blush and swipe it on my cheek and the whole cheek is covered! Looooove this brush!

Francheska R.

I love this brush , some people find it quite big but it depends on how you like it to be , I like mine to be quite spread and not to harsh , its super soft and you can also use it for powder , LUV IT

Winter P.
My favourite brush <3

I bought this brush just last summer and I've never found any other brush that's better since its soooo soft and it picks up the blush pigments really well it allows you to put the right amount that you need on it and its perfect for blending I don't think I'll ever use another blush brush this is perfect <3

Alexa A.

I love this brush especially because it is so soft! I also like that although it is a bit big, it sweeps the blush over the cheek area in such a way that allows the blush to look natural. Also this is very inexpensive and great quality!

Elle F.

This brush is almost foolproof...I recommend to everyone in earshot. Its soft and because it is tapered it blends products so effortlessly. It makes my job so much easier.