Prestige Cosmetics

Total Intensity Eyeliner


Makeupartbybrekal i.
Want A Heavy Black Liner? Look No Further

EVERYONE asks me why my waterline in my pics is SO BLACK. Well, here is why. This smokey black liner is where it's at. It glides on so smoothly, and if you line your upper and lower waterlines, it will last quite a while. The intensity of the color is perfection for me. I recommend it!

Shelly T.
My pencil eyeliner holy grail!

I bought this in three colours on a whim one day, as I was in need of pencil eyeliners and heard good things about the brand (in general) in this regard.

They are more than worth the $5.50 (US) each I spent. And, since then, I bought a fourth one.

First, these do. not. move. Second, they are very pigmented. Third, they're quite creamy and easy to apply. The one downside I can see is there are only eight colours available, but to me, I don't consider that much of a downside because I think most people don't need more than those eight colours. Definitely a "Holy Grail" product for me.

So if you want a pencil eyeliner and you're on a budget, definitely give these a go!

Bryanna L.
This is an amazing pencil!

Very good product. Dupe for Urban Decay, maybe even better. I just don't like that it's super hard to get completely off. After washing my face thoroughly, the eyeliner is still in my lashes.

Chris C.
If I were to buy cosmetics, this is what I would get.

I don't actually know too much about cosmetics, but this seems to be a very high quality pen. I know what all of the words mean in the description, which means it's probably well designed.

Myrna P.
Photo of product included with review by Myrna P.

I bought the prestige Total Intensity eyeliner because my mother is always raving about Prestige products. I have the UD 24/7 eyeliner in several colors but I mostly use them in Perversion or Zero. Only complaint I have about the UD pencils is that it blurs my vision when I wear contacts. I always put it on in hopes that it won’t run. It doesn’t smear under my eyes or anything like that, it just always runs in my eyes. Problem is that it never runs or gets on my contacts instantly, it happens when I am out and about after an hour or two.

The Prestige Total Intensity in deepest black is an exact dupe, every bit as dark as perversion. It glides on just like UD 24/7 & very creamy. I actually think it’s a bit creamier than Urban Decays. I put it on and guess what? After running errands the other day, no more than an hour my right eye started to cloud up! Ahhhhhhh!!!! I mean, I rather spend $6 than $20 for that but I just can’t get a break! Yes It’s a dupe, but I need something that won’t run!