Physicians Formula

Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow


Erica  S.

I love this bronzer! It has a nice shimmering finish that doesn't make skin look dewy. I use it for contouring mainly or to help blend with my other products. It blends well with other products and doesn't feel heavy. The bronzer also lasts all day without fading.

Chelsea  S.
One of my top staples

I really love this product and I have the exact one showed in the picture. The golden/yellow toned one is one of my personal favorites and looks amazing. To get a really great pigmentation I wet my finger and rub through and it makes a really pretty base for my eyes. Also, I like how the similar shades are close together that way you can mix them together easily to get the shade that you desire. On the face for a bronzy look, I don't like it because of the shimmer. But, for the eyes.........amazing.

Macy W.

Physicians Formula is my FAVORITE bronzer AND eyeshadow it the whole world!! You can get a really shimmery and smokey eye look with it and the bronzer is awesome! I only use physicians formula bronzer because it really has the pigment if you know how to use it(:

Bianca Nicole  C.
I love it!

I love this product the tone is perfect for my light skin I use this on my cheeks and eyes...i read some beauties don't like the shimmer but thats why I love it! I get a healthy glow from this. I bought two in waikki strip for a peachy glow.

Raven N.
An ok product to get if there's a good sale

I do like these and have used them mainly as eye shadows or blushes. I find that as a bronzer it just has too much shimmer for my taste. Lighter colors are very nice as a cheek or brow highlight. I do find that you have to use a stiffer brush to get any of the color - when you use a super fluffy brush it kind of just picks up the shimmer by itself.

Dawn M.

It's decent, but I find that for the price, it's pretty damn hard to pick up any of the product onto a brush. Even if you vigorously rub your finger on the product, nothing barely comes off. Would I repurchase? No. Do I use it while I have it? Barely.

Morena M.
So versatile!

Even though this says that it can be used as both a bronzer and an eyeshadow, I would have used it both regardless! I use a lot of bronzers as eyeshadows mostly because I like the natural glow and dimension it gives to my eyes!

These shimmer strips are easy to blend and have a great texture. I like that the colours are laid out in a gradient so you can see what the colours will look like when they are placed together.

It's a little pricey, but Physician's Formula tends to have a lot of sales and promotions that are great to take advantage of :)

Sydney C.

I bought this a month or two ago after putting off the purchase for about a year. I must say I'm really glad I finally decided to buy it! The colors are so pretty for summer and the quality is very good as well! I definatly recommend this product.

Jes M.

I was not a fan of this product. When I first used it, I kept smelling something funky and after time, I realized it was this product! Maybe I got a bad one but I've heard other people tell me some of physicians formulas stuff smells bad because of natural ingredients. I didn't think it worked well either. I tried using it as an eye shadow and that's when I realized the pigmentation was horrible, but maybe some people like that.

Amy L.

I use this on a daily basis, but on my eyes! I"m not one for full face make up but these work fantastic for eyeshadow and highlighting! Stays on great, lasts all day and does not crease! I even sometimes use a NYX cream pencil for a base to really make the colors pop and shine, but this is amazing on it's own too. I have used all the shades/pallets. LOVE THEM ALL!