Physicians Formula

Conceal Rx Physicians Strength Concealer


Kelly F.
A little goes a long way

Love this to death! Gives amazing coverage, but you need to be careful. A little speck goes a long way! And I wish I got a lighter shade.. A tad too dark.

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Husna A.
Amazing Product

I have been looking for a great a concealer for my really dark circles and finally found it! This stuff is amazing, and every makeup addict should have it! Keep making this pleasee!

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angel s.

The best purchase in terms of facial products. I suffer from red, dry skin yet this heavy duty coverage does not cling to the dry patches. It lasts for about 12 hours and keeps a smooth texture across your face. I have even began to use this product as a stand alone foundation and in love with the results.

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Victoria H.
Great Product!

I've spend hundreds of dollars over the years buying high-end cover-ups (even stuff for covering tattoos) for acne scars and especially for my SUPER dark circles under my eyes. This stuff works just as good as any $20-$40 product I've tried. It doesn't fade away and it doesn't crease under my eyes. I haven't bought anything else since I tried this, so I highly recommend it. Fair warning, however, that the "fair light" is quite fair. I'm extremely pale so it works great for me, but I think most people are best off with "natural light."

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Colette R.
Nice product.

Fair light was too light for me, which surprised me so I went for Natural Light. Perfect match, and the squeezy tube is easy to use. A little goes a long way, and covers my dark circles excellently. My acne is also excellently covered by this. Awesome product. c:

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Ezarra G.
So far the best

I have tried many concealers even the popular one Hard Candy Heavy Duty Glamoflauge. That one was to oily and it was always a mess if you didnt use it every day. It seperated. This one is creamy. Yes it dries fast but it goes on easily and covers well. I use it with the mineral powder from Physicians formula

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Savannah S.
Wont Use Anything Else

Title speaks for itself..I will not use any other concealer. For my age, I have a very expressive face and the lines to show it already. This concealer hides it all, it doesnt have any kind of funky smell, or oily, its very creamy, and a little goes a long way ! I love this product !

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Chloé K.
Good coverage

I originally bought this concealer for under my eyes but it was a little to thick and it tugged at my undereye. I use it now for blemishes and it is amazing! One of the best concealer a I've used. It really stays put. Make sure to blend it out really good!