Paul Mitchell

Super Skinny Serum


Sandra V.

If you straighten your hair everyday, or just want your hair to be smoother and less frizzy, I RECOMMEND THIS. When I used wear my hair straight everyday, I always used this. My natural hair is natural fizzy, dry, and curly. It also reduces drying time if you apply to wet hair!

Beck H.
Loved it when I used it!

If you're looking for a smooth look and you have naturally wavy hair this is great. Get your hair damp after a shower and put it in. Blow dry and straighten. A success every time. It was my go to in high school.

Jackie A.

This stuff is amazing! I go to cosmetology school and we used this just about everyday. When you apply to your hair you don't even know it's there. It leaves this soft silky feeling good to it.

Jessi H.

I'm a cosmetologist and even before I was licensed I would pick this up at Ulta and use. I hands down loveeeee this product. It smells awesome and I use just a little nickle size ( I have a ton of hair) and rub it in my hands and through out my hair for a frizz free shined look.If you haven't tried this I highly recommend you do. If I was Oprah this would most definitely be on my "Favorite Things" show because its my fav but also I wish everyone could try it once in their life.Love,

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Jennifer C.

It's a go-to product to tame my dry, thick curly hair. I apply 2 pumps all though damp hair. Run a wide tooth comb through it, then I mix 2 pumps with my PM Gel and run it from the ends up. Guaranteed good hair day.

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Lisa W.
Great product for thick hair

Paul Mitchell makes a lot of great products, and this is always a number one big seller. This product is great for anyone that has really thick coarse hair. Because the serum is really thick. I wouldn't use this product if you have fine hair like mine, it'll leave it really greasy. Also the smell is fantastic!

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Maryam K.

This is one of the best serums out there and it is definitley worth the money! The bottle is large meaning you wont run out and it is greaqt on dry frizzy hair! Giving a soft sleek finish!

Mandy J.

I am in love with this stuff. I use then before I walk out the door and it gives my hair great shine and helps with the frizz. I have not been disappointed with this product.

Kaylah A.
Everyone should have this in their haircare routine.

Even if you dont many hair products i suggest adding or swaping one of your products for this. It has a wonderful watermelon scent. Its good for any hair type. i started using this when i was in beauty school and fell instantly in love with it. I used it on my elder clients and on my younger clients. My niece absolutely loves this stuff too and shes 9!

Guys, definatly go buy this and try it out, i guarantee youll love it!


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Rachel R.
Absolute must buy.

I've been using this for six years now, and have never once had a compliant about this product. It smells fantastic, and as long as you make sure your hair is at least 60%-80% dry, it will work like a dream. This greatly reduces frizz, adds shine, and helps with hair drying time. My hair is long, somewhat thick, and color treated, so this product really helps in terms of frizz and adds a great sheen to my color. I highly recommend this to all my friends, even though a large bottle can be expensive. I paid about $30 for mine, but I've been using it for about a year and three months, and it's still about half way full. The amount of product one uses with this serum is crucial; too much serum will leave your hair feeling greasy, while too little won't have the desired affect. I usually use just one pump!

This is a hair product I see myself using for as long as it's in production.