Aqua Light Conditioner


Hasini J.

This smells wonderful and delivers moisture without weighing down my hair. Usually i like to use heavy shampoos as my hair is frizzy and afro-like but even though this is not heavy at all - rather the goal is to be the complete opposite - it still moisturised and nourished my hair greatly! I'd definitely re-purchase and as soon as i used my first one, i went out and bought 6 more!

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Ashley R.

I received this shampoo and conditioner as a sample and I must say I was absolutely shocked by how much I love it!

As someone with fine, thin hair Pantene has not been a good choice for my hair. Their products either way my hair down, no volume, make me look greasy etc. BUT when I tried this my view on Pantene totally changed! It gives me great volume, my hair feels softer, looks shinier and smells amazing! I can't get over how much I love the smell.

I went to Target to go check out the price and its not to bad, roughly $5 for a big bottle. I assume its the same price as Wal-Mart for those of you who do not live near a Target.

I switched from Aussie Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner and I am never looking back. Pantene has definitely made a great product here and I hope its around forever!

Virginia M.
it makes my hair so soft and healthy with out the weight

So i saw great reviews on the the shampoo and this. They had the two together in a pack at Target so i bought them both. ITS AMAZING. It moisturizes amazingly with out feeling heavy and my hair is so shiny! must have