Rice Powder Translucent


Gone A.
Great Value
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I'd been looking for a finishing powder for the longest time, I was considering getting the Revlon Photo Ready Finishing powder but before I spent $13 on something that may or may not work I decided to shop around. Long story short I found this Powder I have it in Warm Beige and it worked like a charm. Provided me with even matte coverage and even though I was sweating my make up was never out of place. And at only $5 bucks you simply cannot beat that. If you want my full review of cosmetics I purchased at sally's you can read my blog here:

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Regina L.

this stuff is great !! worth every penny !! would recommend for oily skin, does not cake up, last all day ! i was very surprised !!! n

DeShelle W.

"Translucent" Rice Powder Retails $5 Best for absorbing oils on your face during the day. Especially for oily skin. I only get oily on my T-zones, So I always make sure I put this in my purse before I leave the house. If you have extra oily skin, I do recommend the Rice Paper Blotting Tissues.

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Jessica F.

it is a light powder but it blends in so well (: it covers redness also it gives your skin a natural complexsion very good product and it is a natural substance so there isnt any type of wax that i know of

Prima C.
Messy but effective.

This powder is soft and very fine. I have the Warm Beige shade and it blends in well. A little goes a long way. I can make me look a bit ashy and dull. It has a light floral scent which could come from the rice. The packaging is messy. I keep the sticker seal on to try to help. I enjoy using this powder to set my highlights.

Katie R.
Great finishing powder for $5

I got this at Ulta because I was looking for a powder that would last me a while because I use powder every single day since I have combination skin and get very oily in my T-Zone, lids and especially on my nose. I don't like how messy this is, but maybe it's because it's my first loose powder. I love the finish of it, not cakey at all and makes my skin look nice and smooth. This is a phenomenal finishing powder but don't expect any heavy duty oil absorption from this. Overall, I really like it and I know it will last me a VERY long time.

Cameron R.
It does it's job well for an amazing price!

I bought this after a fellow beautylish girl recommended it to me. I was mostly drawn to it for the fact that it was so inexpensive compared to so many other loose/hd powders I had purchased prior, nor had I used a rice powder before. I got this in the white/translucent color. This product is EXTREMELY fine, and it does set my makeup very well without making me look like I put baby powder all over my face or taking too much away from the natural finish of the foundation. It does not give me very much of a white cast that some other powders do, but if you are dark, I would reccommend getting the tinted varieties. I took a star off due to 2 things. It has a very potent floral smell that I don't particular like, and it's packaging also is a pain to work as I always spill some product no matter how careful I try to be.