Liquid Eyeliner


DeShelle W.

"Emerald Isle" Liquid Liner Retails $6 I love this color, It's like a military green with a bit of shimmer. Easily can be applied as a day time liner or smudged out for night time party makeup. This also does NOT smudge. Drying is also less than 10 seconds. I've been looking for a color like this for sometime now. I want to do a military inspired makeup, (YES! I have a BIG imagination) lol

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Ajaney M.
Lasts all day

Really good eyeliner. I can put it on in the morning, and it's still there 8 hours later when I get home. Also, its come in a bottle that looks really small, but it can last a very long time. So far, this is the best product I've tried for Palladio.

Lauren H.
A Good Liquid liner

It goes on good, it dries pretty fast, and I like that because a lot of liquid liners i've used in the past always take forever to dry and then I smudge it all over and that's not the easiest thing to fix after your already done with your eye make-up.

Patricia N.
Awesome for the price you pay

This stuff works amazing for something thats under 10 bucks. I bought mine from Sally's when i was in a rush for liquid eyeliner one day. I wasnt expecting much but it surprised me. I really like the applicator. Its more like a pointed sponge i guess , i hate the things that are like brushes! it lasts for a damn good amount of time. i consider it a really good buy ladies.

Sheila R.
Great application, high pigmentation, and long-wear!

I took 1/2 a star off just because it's not all that waterproof!

This eyeliner is fantastic and it lasts a good amount of time!, No cracking, flaking or fading! I love the felt tip application because it allows for a more precise application. This eyeliner lasts me through most of the day and it doesn't smudge easily at all! No need to go over the lines because the pigmentation is fantastic. This eyeliner is awesome and I'm glad I chose to pick it up on a whim! You can find it at Sally's Beauty Supply or Ulta. :)

Anna L.
If only it didn't burn

I love this liquid liner! It's perfectly packaged, the brush is tough, thin and stiff. Perfect for a sexy, sultry cat eye. But it BURNS! I'm not sure if anyone else had this issue but until this liner dries, it burns my skin like no tomorrow- to the point where I am so, so close to taking it off. After it dries, it's smooth sailing & lasts all day.