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Nicole L.
Great, inexpensive lipstick

This line is pretty good stuff. Smells nice, the lipstick that is, has almost a sweetness to it. Stays on long and is a rich creamy texture. Palladio is an herbal line so it doesnt have the gunk fillers. Its a great fall back, inexpensive product.

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Sophie M.
Coral Punch LOVE!

So naturally i am very pale. but i got some color since its summer here in AZ. and i wanted a bright lipstick that i would love but didnt want to spend so much money since i figured it would be a summer thing, i looked everywhere, and then i found this at Sally's beauty supply. i loved the color from the outside. which is very true for the color you get btw. (sadly you cant swatch things at sallys) anyway this color to my surprise was AMAZING. creamy, smooth and extremely pigmented. it did NOT dry my lips which many lipsticks do that. i can honestly say it even beat some of the $20 lipsticks i have.

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DeShelle W.
Creamy. Long Lasting.

"Coral Punch" & "Juniper" Herbal Lipsticks Retails $6 Creamy and pigmented, I tend to wear this alone, no lipliner,or gloss. Just the color alone will satisfy you. If you are new to color, dab it on you lips to give you sort of a lip stain. Feel free to add liner and gloss to spice up your day.

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Lydia T.
Holy Grail Pink: HL857 Paris Pink

Paris Pink is a neutral medium pink that will stand out both cool and warm complexions. The formula is creamy and long lasting, the color fades after 3 hours but it leaves a balm feeling after that and some noticeable color too. It has a cookie/vanilla/sweet scent and the only reason I'm taking half a star off is because the taste is not nice, tastes like plastic when first applied, after it stes, the taste is gone.